How to Search Google in Unusual Ways

Google "hacks" are certain functions of the search engine, which are unknown to the majority of users. With the right codes, you can find what you need much easier. Sometimes these "hacks" can be a life-saver, others are just "Easter Eggs". (See


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    Special Google pages: Google provides special search pages for technicians. Using those makes it easier to find the real stuff, because less commercial "junk" pages appear in the search results.
    • (custom search page for Firefox)
    • UPDATE - All but code search appear to have been shut down
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    Useful functions: the functions listed in this section correspond to the functions, you find in the "extended search". Most of the following codes are time savers:

    • "key word phrase" - using the quotation marks makes google search for the exact phrase. Without the quotation marks, every single word is searched for independently: Every page containing only one of "key" or "word" or "phrase" would be listed, too.
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    • keyword site:domain-name - search for a word on a certain domain. For example you can find every page in Wikipedia, that mentions WikiHow with wikihow
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    • +key +word - search for pages containing "key" AND "word".
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    • +key -word - search for pages containing "key" BUT NOT "word".
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    • +key +(any|of|these) - search for pages containing "key" and one of "any", "of" or "these".
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    • vicky.21 - the dot replaces special characters between two terms. Results for this example can be: "Vicky (21) ", "Vicky, 21" oder "Vicky :: 21".
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    Not all functions are available via the extended search function. These additional functions are extremely powerful, if you use them in a smart way. This kind of commands is often referred to as "google hacks":
    • intitle:keyword - search the page titles. This doesn't sound too powerful, but it becomes, if you search for the right terms.
    • intitle:"index of" mp3 - The apache web server creates an index page, if a directory does not contain a file like index.html or similar. Some people have their mp3-collection in such a folder, which gets the title "Index of <directory name>". You can add the name of the particular music piece or the name of the group. The industry and spammers already know, that this trick is being used, so they started to create fake Index-Of pages, which don't contain links to the mp3 files, but links to registration pages. Do not register, give them your email address or pay them. Most often these fake index pages offer illegal services or are there to collect email addresses for spammers.
    • link:domain name - search for pages, that link a certain domain.
    • inurl:key word - search result depends on URL contents. Can be used to find pages generated by certain web applications, like
    • inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=refresh" for web cams.
    • inanchor:key word - look for texts, that are used in links.
    • filetype:type of file - search for certain type of files. torrent, iso, ...
    • - get the version from google's cache.
    • info:domain name - get a page with more links like cache, related, etc.
    • * - the asterisk can be used as a wild card. Obama voted * on the * bill will give you stories about different votes on different bills. Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.
    • Calculator: 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=
    • Conversion: 10.5 centimeter (4.1 in) in inches
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    Fun stuff: Go to Google and type one of these in the main search box. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
    • google l33t
    • google ewmew
    • xx-klingon
    • xx-piglatin
    • elgoog
    • french victories

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