How to Seal Pavers

How to seal pavers with water repellents, wet look sealers, and concrete densifiers.


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    Make sure the pavers are clean of paints, stains, sealers and any other materials that would prevent proper penetration of a sealer.
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    Determine the sealer you will be using. The sealer will depend on the desired result. For example, if you want water to bead off the surface without changing the look of the pavers, you want to use a Silane or Siloxane water repellent. If you want to strengthen the pavers to prevent deterioration, you want to use a sodium or lithium silicate densifier. If you want a satin sheen, wet look or high gloss finish you want to use a 100% acrylic lacquer.
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    Apply two coats for the best results. The material can be applied with a roller or sprayer. Which application method is best depends entirely on the product being used. Follow the manufacturer instructions.
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    Let dry for at least 24 hours. Do not apply when it is expected to rain within 36 hours if possible.


  • Make sure you choose the product appropriate for your application. Many of the products can be combined. For example, a sodium silicate densifier can be used before applying an acrylic lacquer. The silicate will strengthen and protect the pavers and the acrylic will enhance the appearance.
  • Do not apply when it is expected to rain within 24 hours. Rain can cause sealers to lose their bond and prematurely peel and flake off.
  • Verify the life of the sealer. Some sealers will last 6 months, others 10 years. When comparing the cost of sealers, consider the life expectancy of the sealer as well.


  • Never apply a coating over a penetrating sealer. Make sure a penetrating sealer is applied first, then a coating second.
  • Do not apply sealers or coatings to pavers that already have a sealer on them. The pavers should be cleaned before applying a new sealer or coating.
  • Do not apply acrylic coatings to brick.

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