How to Sea Walk

How to Sea Walk? What is Sea Walking in the first place? You can think of sea walking as taking a nice, luxurious walk along the sea. You may think that this is easy, and that this is a weird topic to write about. But there are certain things to watch out for when Sea Walking. Follow these tips and you will become the best sea walker ever.


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    Find a sea to walk along. Any kind of water place is fine. This place can be a beach, lake, ocean, pond, swamp, or any other water-land that has enough room to walk along. Make sure this place is appropriate. For example, if you want a place that will show the sunset at night, go to a beach. If you want a place that has crickets chirping at any time of day, go to a swamp. Find a place local to you that meets your requirements.
    • Make sure that this place isn't private property of anyone's.
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    Bring a person. It is very important to bring a person because if you fall into the sea, you want help. Make sure you know this person, and you feel comfortable around them. You might want to bring a person that you know well, so you can start up a conversation if you get bored of walking.
    • Bring a cell phone, and make sure the person coming does as well.
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    Mark where you start. This way, you know that you don't circle around and around and around all night, and you know where you are. This is helpful especially when you are jogging, because you know how far you've ran.
    • Try marking your starting point somewhere near civilization, so that people can see that you've gone walking if you ever get lost.
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    Bring the appropriate materials. Definitely bring a cell phone, but if you want to, you can bring a picnic basket full of food, for example. Bring a towel and a change of clothes, and all the other things you'd probably want to keep handy (bug spray, rain boots, etc.).
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    Walk with a purpose. Find a reason to go walking on the sea. Maybe you like the smell of the ocean, maybe you want to add more shells to your collection. Whatever it is, try to find a reason to get out of the house and walk by the sea.
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    Look for some key things along the way. On the sea, there are some really cool things to find. You could find a coral shell, or an amazing flower.
    • Look out for sea-glass. Sea-glass can be really cool to collect, but make sure it's actually sea-glass and that it is not to sharp.
    • Whatever you find, use your best judgment to take it or not. If you find a time capsule that says, "Don't open till 2084", don't take it. Some shells and rocks are okay.
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    Be safe. Bring the right safety materials, like a cell phone, a flashlight, etc. Make sure you are going with a person, and don't walk too near to the sea. These may sound like too many rules, but you'd rather be safe then sorry.
    • Make sure you go at the right time of day. Don't go at one in the morning, but you could probably go at ten o' clock if you're careful.
    • Bring a watch.
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    Take pictures. Don't bring too expensive of a camera, in case you break it or lose it. But there can be some beautiful things you see along the way. A picture of a bird or a flower can be awesome memories at times.
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    Enjoy. Relax. Take your mind off everything else and stare out at the ocean. Have fun and do it often.


  • Do it often, because it helps clear your mind.
  • Bringing many people at a time can be confusing, but safer.
  • If you are going jogging, go during the day.
  • When you reach a point where the land disappears, turn around and go back, especially if your alone.


  • If you do fall in the sea, stay calm and try to swim out, even if you don't know how to swim.
  • Always remember to bring someone with you.
  • If an attacker crosses your path, run away and don't stop. It's the one situation where you should run away, because it's near the sea and you could drown.

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