How to Score Cheap Major League Baseball Tickets

There are many ways to score cheap tickets for major league baseball, especially now that the American economy is on an upswing. Some teams are more popular than others, and therefore it might be harder to find cheap tickets for their games, but it's always worth a try! This article will serve as a general guide for acquiring relatively inexpensive baseball tickets to major league baseball games.


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    Check the official league site. MLB recognizes that ticket prices cannot be too high or else no one would come to the games, so they tend to be reasonable. You can get surprisingly good deals on the official team sites, sometimes for as low as a couple dollars per ticket. If you're just looking to have a fun day at the ballpark with your family and friends (i.e. it doesn't really matter which teams are playing), definitely go this route. If you're looking for cheap tickets to a high-profile game, you're probably going to have to find them somewhere else.
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    Use StubHub. This website, which typically serves as a secondary marketplace, actually has a professional partnership with Major League Baseball. You should be able to find decent prices on here, especially for the less distinguished teams. Look under the Sports tab on the home page, then click on "MLB." This page will inform you of events happening in the next 30 days in your area. You can also scroll down and select any of the events listed under the MLB tickets for that year. Keep in mind that buying them in advance will not necessarily help you save money. However, looking for games on weekdays rather than weekends or between two less popular teams can be a huge boon to your wallet.
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    Try sites like SeatGeek, CheapTickets, and TicketCity. Although MLB does not seem to be officially partnered with any of these companies, they have developed themselves as reputable businesses over the past several years. TicketCity, for example, has been Better Business Bureau-accredited since 1996. Follow any of the links above to try your luck, or search for your own secondary marketplace website. Just be careful of spam!
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    Look on Craigslist. Because Craigslist operates on a person-to-person basis rather than with a third party mediating the transaction, it can be a little more complicated to use. You're going to have to be wary of certain things, like someone claiming that they're giving their tickets away for free, or asking you to meet them in a secluded spot for the exchange rather than just mailing you the tickets. If you do decide to use Craigslist, look under "For Sale → Tickets" or simply type your keywords into the box on the left-hand side. Remember, the more keywords you use, the fewer results you'll get, but the more tailored they will be to your particular needs.
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    Find scalpers at the ballpark. This should be a last-ditch option, as there may not any more tickets available or, if there are, they might be even more expensive than if you had bought them in advance. But buying tickets off someone else can still be a successful endeavor if you're good at bargaining, or if they have a surplus that they're desperate to sell. It's a risk, certainly, but it might be a risk worth taking—just be sure to consider all your factors first.


  • Compare all the prices you can find online to see if any one site offers consistently cheaper tickets than other sites. If you can find one you like, you can keep using it again and again throughout the season.
  • Bring your own food/drinks and any team merchandise you might have previously purchased. This will prevent you from spending too much once you're actually at the ballpark, and you can put that money toward buying MLB tickets in the future!
  • Do your best not to buy tickets too close to game day. Although this usually won't have much of an effect on the price itself, you'll be at a serious disadvantage if the tickets run out.

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