How to Scare Someone by Hiding in a Closet

Hiding in a closet and jumping out at the right time is an old - but still scary! - prank. It involves patience, silence and a lot of skill. If you have all three of these, along with the right victim, you're sure to really scare somebody. Follow these easy steps and make them jump out of their skin.


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    Find a closet. To find the perfect closet, you may need to observe what closet is opened the most. The perfect closet needs to be used a lot, big enough for you to get in it and not have a clear glass door. If it does, people will obviously see you. If the closet isn't very "popular", add a scary sign on the door that reads something like "open if you dare". Good closets include:
    • The pantry in your kitchen.
    • A sibling's closet.
    • A closet under the stairs.
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    Wait quietly. Don't laugh. Don't snicker. Any sound that you make will surely alert your victim. Just wait there quietly until they open the closet. If you can see out through a crack or gap, you will be able to tell when they're coming. If you can't, you're going to have to use your ears. If you find that you're breathing too loud, Do not hold your breath! It'll be hard enough to breathe in that closet anyway. When you start feeling hot and the closet hasn't been opened yet, get out of there. It's no longer a prank.
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    Jump out at them. Wearing your most scary halloween mask, jump out and scream as soon as the closet is opened. If you're not too great at screaming, simply shout "Roar!" or "Boo!" at them. This has a more playful effect although it might make your victim laugh rather than scream. When they get scared (or laugh) you can either shout "Got you!" or just run away.
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    Hide again. Try turning this prank into a game of hide and seek by hiding in another closet. When you're found, repeat the process. This works best if nobody sees you. If they do spot you, they could tell your victim where you're hiding next. If you go on like this for hours, or hide in closets where people keep personal items, this can get very irritating so be sure not to overuse this step. Do it twice maximum. Bear in mind that this step is completely optional and that you don't have to do it.


  • Make sure people are actually around or you will be stuck in a closet for a long time.
  • Another method, is to leave the closet door cracked and throw something at your victim. However, you must be very quiet. That way your intended target is clueless and very scared.
  • To seem less suspicious, keep the door open just a crack so no one thinks anyone's in there.
  • If you're feeling really silly, dress up in a funny costume and tickle your victim when they open the door. This works best if the person is extremely ticklish.


  • Make sure you can breathe in the closet. The oxygen will let you breathe for hours but the increasing CO2 amount will kill you if the air can't change! Remember to get out of there if you need to.
  • Don't do this to elderly or small kids. In theory a huge scare on small kids can make them cry and on elderly people can cause a heart attack.
  • The person is less likely to find this funny if they've had a bad day and just want to sleep.
  • If you do this to your parents, you will most likely be punished.

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