How to Say Wife in Spanish

This article will show you how to say "wife" in Spanish.


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    Understand that the Spanish language does have two words for "wife" and "husband". The first one is "MUJER" and is normally more used in Spain, meaning "wife" as well as "woman". The person listening will know the difference of meaning by context.
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    Pronounce the "J" as a "h", you would pronounce it as "moo-haer"
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    There's also the word "esposa" which is considered more formal in Spain, but it is regularly used as first option in Lationamerican countries. "Esposa" is like the English "spouse". Its masculine form is "esposo".
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    "Husband and wife" in Spain is normally said " Marido y mujer " and in LatinoAmerica the most used expression would be "Esposo y esposa". "They lived like husband and wife without being married " would be " Vivían como marido y mujer sin estar casados" o "vivían como esposo y esposa sin estar casados".


  • When you speak, don't worry if it is not always correct, just speak!
  • It's a great hobby and tool for work too, but you'll have to work at it for a vast amount of time... no problem, you'll have a lot of fun studying and practising it.
  • If you want to improve your knowledge of Spanish and your Spanish accent, as well as making your writing and speaking more fluent, try to listen and speak more Spanish.
  • Try to converse with your Spanish teacher in Spanish.
  • You won't scape from studying hard, reading a lot and using every opportunity to practise the language if you want to be good at it.
  • Make sure that if you hear people talk in English, try to translate it in your head into Spanish. It helps.
  • In order to be good at a language, you need to be able to think in it.

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