wikiHow to Say Cute in Japanese

Ever wanted to say "cute" or "cool" in Japanese? Well, you can!


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    Learn the right word. The most commonly used word for cute is "kawaii".
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    Pronounce the word. Its pronunciation is "kah-why-EE".
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    Use a masculine word to describe cool things. If "cute" isn't quite the right word or is too feminine, then kakkoii" (cool) might work better. Its pronunciation is "kah-koh-ee".


  • If you've ever watched anime, you may have seen someone get all sparkly-eyed and cried "Kawaii!" Try for this effect by smiling and raising your voice a little higher than usual.


  • Please don't use "cool" when you mean that you're waiting for your food to cool (sameru). English words can sometimes be used in multiple situations, but that's not always the case with Japanese.
  • Try to not pronounce "kawaii" as you would "Hawaii." Instead, put more stress on the "ee" part. This is a mistake people often make, but pronouncing it this way sounds closer to the word for scary (kowai), rather than cute.

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