How to Save Your Self from the Hell

Two Methods:Choosing Your BeliefAfter Choosing a Belief

Many people living in this planet don't care about the hell although they believe that bad people will spend their life there forever. If you once felt afraid and thought about saving yourself then you are on the right way.

Method 1
Choosing Your Belief

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    Think about your current belief. Have you ever thought about your current belief? What makes you very certain that your belief is true? You must think more about the belief of your fathers. Put in mind that following fathers have led a lot of people to wrong believes.
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    Don't think about your position in the society. Don't fear the reaction of the people around you. If you have to live in another place to follow the belief you're certain it's right then change it! Put in mind that your unlimited life depends on your belief.
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    Choose a new belief. If you thought about your belief, compared it to other religions and found it was wrong or found that there was better believes then you should follow it!
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    Learn what sins are deemed as "Unforgivable" in different religions, so that you may try to avoid them, should you ultimately choose a particular faith. Eg: In Christianity, Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable; In Islam, worshipping idols is unforgivable; In Judaism, taking the Lord's Name in vain is unforgivable.

Method 2
After Choosing a Belief

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    Be a good person. Have good personality ,do good things and follow great morals like truthfulness, honesty and loyalty. Make yourself an example of the good human. Put in mind that you make your personality by your choices. Put in mind that your choices will make your predestination.
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    Have a successful life. Our god created us to benefit the whole humanity. If you are a student study hard and try to be the best student. If you are an employee work hard and try to be the best employee. If you are a sportsman try to be the best in your field. Whatever your work was try to be the best to benefit yourself and people around you. Do all of that to get the prize from your god not from people around you.
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    Pray. Ask your god to light your life. If you want to have a good pray believe that your god listens every word you say. Ask your god to forgive you. Ask him to solve your problems. Ask him to make you live in paradise after your death.


  • Pray and meditate constantly. Prayer and meditation is the first step towards choosing Heaven, in the afterlife.
  • Have a healthy respect for human life on Earth. Obey the Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill."
  • Try to be as charitable as possible.
  • Be very humble and modest.


  • Avoid sins of the flesh. Those are the sins which ultimately lead souls to Hell more than any other reason.
  • Don't read about a religion from a man who doesn't believe it. He will try to persuade you that this religion is wrong. When you search about religions read about them from their sources.
  • Don't be from people who don't believe anything or who don't care about what will happen after their death or who say simply: after I die I will know what should happen to me! Our god created us to care about our unlimited life and gave us a mind to think about our final destination.
  • Also stay away from Satanism, both the theistic and atheistic kinds. Satanism is ultimately choosing Damnation over Salvation.
  • Stay away from atheism. Atheism is a corrupted belief. Think about people who made terrible crimes. Won't they be punished?! Think about people who were treated unfairly won't they take their right?! Atheism is against justice and natural laws.
  • When you search about heavenly religions read their holy books. Try to own the original copies of those books besides translations. Try to translate the important parts of them on your own by dictionaries. You will find a lot of words can be translated in several ways specially the book of Islam.

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