How to Save More Money on Job Related Expenses

If you are self-employed or your employer does not reimburse you for certain job related expenses, cutting back on these expenses may become a high priority for you. Various strategies are available for individuals wishing to learn how to save more money on job related expenses, allowing you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on job related expenses.


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    Save all receipts, invoices, and purchase confirmations for job related expenses.
    • Your employer may decide to reimburse you for certain expenses which you assumed would not be reimbursed, so it never hurts to ask. If this is the case, your employer will require proper documentation of all expenses associated with your job for which you are attempting to be reimbursed.
    • If the total of your employment-related expenses exceed 2 percent of your gross income, you may be able to deduct at least a portion of these expenses on your tax return. In order to do so, you will need to provide physical and accurate evidence of each expense. Expenses claimed for this deduction must be used exclusively in relation to your job, but can include things like newspaper subscriptions or continuing education courses.
    • Travel expenses including airfare, gas, and reasonable spending for food and lodging may also be deductible on your tax return. Again, proper documentation will be required and you must be able to prove that the primary purpose for travel was job related.
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    Contact your Human Resources department to determine if any special vendor or retailer discounts or promotions are available to employees of the company.
    • Service providers for items like cell phone plans and vehicle leasing often offer corporate discounts to employees of larger companies. For example, some wireless providers allow you to type in your work email address to instantly see if you qualify for discounts through your employer. Many other types of service providers offer similar programs. You can either ask your Human Resources department or inquire directly with the service provider. If a vendor does not currently offer a discount, ask if they would be willing to consider a group discount for employees of your company.
    • You may also check for group discounts offered by any of the professional or networking organizations in which you are an active member. These discounts will often help offset the annual member fees for professional organizations. Contact an organization administrator or search the organization website for information regarding group discounts on things like automobile insurance, newspapers, or magazine subscriptions.
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    Purchase professional clothing and accessories when they are out of season or at resale and consignment shops.
    • The lowest prices on clothing items are typically found towards the end of a season. Individuals willing to purchase winter styles in early spring or summer styles in mid-fall will usually find deals. Do not be afraid to purchase items and store them in your closet until the proper season. This is an easy way to save a substantial amount of money on your professional wardrobe.
    • Check regularly at resale and consignment shops for professional clothing. Generally such shops are quite selective when it comes to which clothes they will accept to sell, so you will find name brand and designer labels at half the price or less. These stores also rarely accept clothes that are more than a couple years out of season, so you can be assured the clothing available here will be fashionable. Thrift shops or other stores that only accept donated clothing are not as selective although their prices are usually even more bargain-friendly; just be cautious about selecting clothing that is in style.
    • In general, any clothing or fashion accessories which could reasonably be wearable outside of your job will not be eligible for deduction on an income tax return. However, you can still seek cost savings in this area by seeking sales and discounts on your clothing purchases.

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