How to Save Money When Buying Computers

There are numerous ways to save money when buying a new computer; including selecting a computer that meets your exact needs, and shopping around for the best deals in local retail stores and on the Internet. You can also opt out of paying for extra expenses such as extended warranties or additional computer accessories you may not ever use. Continue reading this article to learn about the steps you can take to save money when buying a new computer for your home or office.


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    Buy a computer that only contains the features you need. For example, if you only plan on using your computer for browsing the Internet, save money by purchasing a netbook as opposed to spending extra money on a computer with lots of memory you may never use.
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    Buy a computer that comes pre-installed with your preferred operating system (OS). This will help you save money on costs for different or upgraded software. For example, if you prefer a computer with the Windows 7 OS, do not buy a computer with Windows XP installed.
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    Shop around for the best deals on computers. Many retail stores and websites will provide you with rebates or discounts on certain computer models.
    • Visit local retail stores that sell computers and ask about discounts on "open box" or late-model computers. Open box computers may have been used as floor models, but are in perfect working order; whereas a store may be trying to clear out late-model computers to replace their inventory with newer computer models.
    • Search online for websites that sell refurbished computers. Refurbished computers are often sold at discounted prices because they have either been repaired by or returned to the manufacturer.
    • Search for discounted computers on the websites for major retailers such as Amazon, NewEgg, and Crutchfield. Websites such as these usually offer low prices as a result of having mass quantities, and in most cases will save you money by providing you with free or low shipping costs.
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    Refrain from purchasing an extended warranty. If your computer suffers from a manufacturer's defect or similar issue, you can have it replaced or repaired through the manufacturer's warranty, which usually lasts an average of 3 years.
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    Refrain from buying extra computer items and accessories right away. Some retailers may convince you to buy add-ons or extra accessories that you may not need in order to increase their sales numbers; such as memory cards or web cams.
    • Save money on additional accessories by comparing the prices of the same accessories between websites and other retail stores after you have purchased your computer.


  • Check with your credit card company or retailer to see if an extended warranty can be provided to you at no extra cost. Some companies such as American Express and Costco may extend your computer's warranty free of charge.
  • After you have purchased your computer, continue to monitor the price of the computer as offered by the retailer you bought it from. In most cases, retail stores will entitle you to a refund for the difference in price if your computer model is discounted within a certain amount of time. For example, if you purchase a computer for 400 dollars (307 euros), and the retail store lowers the price for the same computer model by 100 dollars (76 euros) the following week, you may be refunded for that exact amount.

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