How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine

Three Methods:Multi-purpose beauty productsBudget makeupMaking the most of cosmetics dregs

Just because women everywhere are sacrificing luxuries and beauty products to save money, that doesn't mean that you have to compromise your looks to economize. You just have to know a few tricks.

Method 1
Multi-purpose beauty products

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    Buy petroleum jelly. Buy a big jar of generic petroleum jelly. It can serve as clear lip gloss, lip balm, makeup remover, under-eye moisturizer, and foot and hand cream.
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    Use olive oil. Use olive oil for multiple uses: To condition hair, rub one tablespoon on scalp, wrap in a warm towel, and let it sit for 20 minutes before shampooing out. For silky skin, pour some into your bathwater. To turn it into an exfoliant, just add some sugar.
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    Make conditioner do double duty. Replace your shaving cream with dollar-store hair conditioner; it works every bit as well. Or use a brand made for men; they’re usually less expensive. Get an unscented one if you don’t want a “manly” fragrance.

Method 2
Budget makeup

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    Save on mascara. Buy expensive mascara just once; after it runs out, wash and save the brush. The main difference between mascaras is the wand, not the makeup. Apply new, cheaper mascara with the brush that comes with it, then use your old one to fluff and separate your lashes.
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    Plump your lips for pennies! Plump your lips for pennies by mixing a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or cinnamon with a dab of petroleum jelly and applying to lips. It will irritate them just enough to temporarily swell them.
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    Use coupons to buy makeup. Often, some inexpensive brands will run coupons in magazines, and newspapers. Cut them and keep them!
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    Ask for a sample of a product that you like when you go to the mall. With some water, for example, you can make a free 10 day supply of foundation last for a month.
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    Splurge on one or two extravagances. Woman cannot live on cheap cosmetics alone!

Method 3
Making the most of cosmetics dregs

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    Waste not, want not. Use up every bit of your cosmetics: Get the last smidgen of lipstick out of the tube with a lip brush. Revitalize a dried-out mascara tube with a few drops of hot water. Use a cotton swab to get into the crevices of little pots of eye cream or lip balm.
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    Running low on lip gloss? You can get more lip gloss into your tube by using hot water. Put hot water in a mug and stand the lip gloss tube vertically in it for about half an hour. The heat will cause the gloss that's stuck on the side, or up on the top of the hole to "melt" down to the bottom. You should also let it cool down so it isn't really liquid when you use it. And if there isn't enough gloss in the tube, that your wand can't get it, pour it out into a little container (old cleaned out contact lens cases are great) to use for later.
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    Combine and stretch. When you have a few half-used, forlorn lip balms lying around, take them out of their containers and place in a microwave safe dish. Get every last bit out of the container by using toothpicks to loosen chunks and cotton buds for smudges. Keep these containers aside.
    • Melt the lip balms by heating in the microwave with 10 second intervals and stir to combine. If the shade isn't ideal, add a little lipstick, microwave again, and stir.
    • Pour into one of the lip balm containers, freeze for a few minutes or until set. It's now ready for reuse.
      • If the texture is more liquid than solid even after freezing, invest in a cheap, clear gloss. Pour some into an old tube of lip gloss to reuse that, and use the brush to mix your lip balm mixture into the gloss.
      • An alternative method is using melted beeswax, mixing that in, and freezing it.


  • Mascara dries out about after 3 months. Using old mascara is unsanitary. Pumping the wand does not make things better, it makes things worse. It pushes air into the tube, and it dries out faster.
  • A dried-out mascara wand also makes a great eyebrow brush.
  • Beware! Expensive cosmetics may not be better than cheaper ones. Don't always infer that the more expensive, the better.
  • If you have just a smidgen of lipstick left in the tube, mix it with petroleum jelly and use as lip gloss.
  • Search online for hundreds more beauty tricks that will save you money.

Things You'll Need

  • Mascara
  • Dollar store conditioner
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Olive oil
  • Sugar
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • A lip brush
  • Cotton swabs
  • The occasional splurge
  • Men's shaving cream (optional)
  • Almost used up lip gloss tubes
  • Small container, or contact lens case

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