How to Save Money on Prescriptions

Prescription medications can be very pricey. As we age it seems we need more medications to stay healthy. Below you will find some tips to help you save money on those necessities.


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    Educate yourself. You need to know as much as you can about your prescription medications. Know the brand and generic name of each medication. Know what you take it for. Know how often to take it. Know whether or not you need to eat when you take it. Know what side effects to expect. If your medications are not taken properly then they either won't work as well or will cause unwanted side effects. Either of these can harm your health and cost money.
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    If you have an iPhone, you can download a free app from the appstore to save money on your prescriptions. It's called Free RX iCard
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    Trade at only one pharmacy. This way your pharmacist knows all the medications you take and can warn you of potential interactions or duplications. Don't be suckered by gimmicks like gift cards for transferring prescriptions. Your health isn't worth $25 in free stuff!
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    Always use generics. Even if you have insurance, your copay will be lower.
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    If the medication your doctor prescribed isn't available in a generic, ask him or her if there is another drug in the same class that might be available generically.
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    Get help from your pharmacist. Visit your pharmacist when he or she is not overwhelmed and ask for her help. She will know if your pricey brand name prescription has a classmate that is available in a generic and can call the doctor to ask for a new prescription.
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    Many drug companies offer programs to help patients who can't afford their medications. If you take a branded product, search the internet to see what company manufactures it. Get in touch with the company and ask for help. Most will require some paperwork and proof of income, but it might be well worth your time to get your prescriptions at a discount or even FREE!


  • Pharmacists are usually very busy. One you routinely trade with should be very willing to take time to help you. It may help to stop by early morning, or come back at a more convenient time so she can give you her full attention.


  • Don't stop taking your medications without talking to your doctor. If you explain that you can't afford it, he or she will work with you.

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