How to Save Money by Sharing Vacations

When times are tough financially, it is not always possible to afford a decent vacation. If this is the case for you and those around you, then consider getting together with another family or 2 and arranging a vacation together. Sharing a vacation can be very beneficial when it comes to saving money, but only if you can stand living with the other family for a few days. Before learning how to save money by sharing vacations, makes sure that you pick a family that is willing to share with you also.


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    Sit down with the other family and come to an agreement as to how you will split costs. You don't want to head out on vacations with pre-conceived notions on how money will be spent. Get a clear idea of expectations so that no one is confused. You can also take this time to negotiate other aspects of the trip.
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    Rent a large house and you will still pay less than a small one when you split the costs, plus you will also most likely receive more benefits from a larger, more expensive home. All families vacationing should be involved in choosing the home since all of you will be paying for it.
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    Consider carpooling on shared vacations and share the cost of gas. If you are vacationing with another couple or family, choose the vehicle that can accommodate all of you and then share the costs of maintaining the vehicle during the vacation. Before leaving for the trip, decide how often you will be using the car. You may decide that you will use it sparingly and rent bicycles or walk during most of your stay to save costs. Whatever you decide, make sure that whoever owns the car agrees with the conditions.
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    Shop for food together and share meals. Not only will you save by eating in, but you can take turns in making meals. You may want to come up with a cooking schedule before heading out on your trip. This way there is no question about who's cooking on any given night. You can also decide in advance what you will be cooking.
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    Save money vacationing by renting recreational gear and vehicles and sharing the expenses. You could even consider renting for a couple of days and have both families take turns in using it. Just make sure that you are not breaking any rental rules and that both families take responsibility to maintaining equipment.
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    Share in the baby-sitting fees or baby sit for each other. If both families have children, then take turns in baby-sitting so as to allow couples to go out and have some fun without children.
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    Benefit from group discounts for events such as sporting events, museums, amusement parks, and zoos. Oftentimes you can get better pricing and service for larger groups. So use the size of your group as an advantage.


  • Share a vacation with people with the same family dynamics as yours. If you have children, share with a couple who have children. This way you will likely share the same interests and save money doing the same things.


  • When renting items, make sure you are all prepared to take responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment. Agree also on what should happen if equipment is damaged. You don't want to ruin friendships over disagreements.

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