How to Save a Football Penalty Kick

As if being a football (aka soccer) goalie wasn't stressful enough: The end of game penalty kick is the most tense moment in sports. It only ever happens a few times a year, but one day it will come down to you! Extra time has just ended, the score 0-0, penalty shootouts are bound to happen because it's a cup final, what will you do? Get ready! After reading this you will be a shining star for your team.


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    Make sure your goalie gloves are tightened, otherwise your wrists will bend back and you will be out for a month or so, and your studs are screwed in tight so you have full grip in the ground.
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    Stretch all your muscles so they won't snap during the shootout. Jump up and down so your ready to dive anywhere at anytime. Get a friend to help throw some balls at you so you can practice catching the ball or pushing it away.
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    Walk back onto the field with your team after you have had your team briefing with your gaffer. Follow your captain over to the ref. to see who will be shooting first and which goal will it be in. Go over to the selected net and get in it if your team is being shot against, or wait on the outside of the box till' called.
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    As you all known reflexes are important.Reflexes are very important in this situation.So improve your reflexes by throwing the ball to the wall and catch it in small distance.
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    Stand big! When in goal you look small, and that's not a good sign if you are a goalkeeper, you want to give the attacker as little view of the goal as possible. Place your hands out as if your going fly, bend your knees the slightest bit so you can dive high and/or low. You have to be on the line until the opposition has started his/her run up towards the ball, then your allowed to run of your line and come towards the ball.
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    Blast!... The shot has been taken. Don't dive until the ball has been struck, guessing is the worst option, there is a 6% chance that you will dive the right way. When diving you must keep your eyes on the ball every single second of the way, otherwise you will lose control of where it is going. Start from the crouched position and gradually dive in the way the ball is going, keep your hand big as you contact the ball, either catch and hold it or push it away from the goal. As you finish the dive follow through, place your hands out in front of you so you will ease the fall.


  • Don't fear of high finishing striker.If the fear came take a little breathe so the oxygen can go through to your body and it will make you feel more comfortable to make a save.
  • If the person who is shooting is right footed there is a high chance that he will shoot to the left side of the goalie, right side for goalkeeper, if left footed vice versa.


  • Never panic in this situation.
  • There is a higher chance that the striker will score than you saving it, so don't worry if you let one go in.

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