Sample Ways to Overcome Shyness

Identify the problem

- Ask yourself questions to figure out what situations make you feel shy.

- Figure out what it is that you're afraid will happen in those situations.

Coach yourself

- Come up with some mantras or encouragements to mentally repeat to yourself when you're feeling shy.

- Remind yourself of your talents and abilities that make you special.

- Use visualization to picture yourself looking confident in situations that would normally make you feel shy.

Manage your surroundings

- Surround yourself with people who make you feel comfortable.

- Maintain good relationships with your core group of friends.

- Gradually branch out into new groups and situations.

Make other people feel comfortable

- Look approachable and have positive body language.

- Smile and stand up straight.

- Look directly at the person you're talking to and speak clearly.

Keep working on it

- Give yourself small assignments or goals, like striking up a conversation with one stranger each day.

- Slowly work your way up to more and more uncomfortable situations.

- Challenge yourself in other ways to help build your confidence.

Just be you

- Don't try to imitate others or be something you're not.

- Don't worry about what others think.

- Appreciate your quirks.

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