Sample Ways to Manage Stress


Suggestions for Managing It


- Get plenty of exercise.

- Use deep breathing and other relaxation techniques.

- Get regular massages.

- Get enough sleep at night.

- Eat well and take care of your body.


- Leave work at work, both physically and mentally.

- Turn off work phones or emails during your off hours.

- Keep your spouse posted about major happenings at work, but save your day-to-day complaints for a co-worker who better understands.

- If the hours your job demands are interfering with your marriage, consider making a change.


- Set boundaries with your extended families so they don't impose or cause friction in your marriage.

- Take dual responsibility for caring for your children so one parent doesn't get overwhelmed.

- Remember that it's perfectly appropriate and healthy to spend time together away from your kids. Hire a babysitter or send them to spend a weekend with the grandparents.


- Live within your means. Set a budget and stick to it.

- Have an emergency fund saved so you can worry less about having the worst happen.

- Meet with a financial advisor and talk about things like college savings and retirement. You'll feel better about your financial future if you’re prepared.

- Consider separate accounts for your day-to-day needs so you don't have to constantly keep up with what the other is spending.

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