Sample Ways to Build Confidence

Identify the problem

- Figure out what makes you feel insecure or embarrassed.

- Try talking to someone about it.

Think of possible solutions

- If it's something you can fix, like shedding a few unwanted pounds, think about how you can improve your situation.

- If it's something that's central to who you are, focus on the positive aspects of it.

- Spend some time either working on the issue or learning to accept it.

Take steps in the right direction

- Work hard at trying to eliminate the issue that bothers you.

- Focus on another aspect of yourself that can take attention away from the negative one.

Encourage yourself

- Remind yourself of your many talents and abilities.

- Set a goal and reward yourself for achieving it.

- Find a new activity or hobby you enjoy.

Stay positive

- Act positive and upbeat, even when you're not. It will eventually catch on.

- Avoid self-pity, and stay away from negative people.

- Think of and plan for the future.

- Learn to accept a compliment.

Project your positive feelings

- Smile. A lot!

- Encourage others and be helpful and generous.

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