Sample Study Tips

What to do

How to do it

Take good notes

- Take exam notes throughout the year.

- Keep them separate from your daily class notes, and pull them out when it’s time to prepare.

- Create note cards or flash cards with key points.

Study early and often

- Study for exams throughout the year instead of cramming at the end.

- Make a study schedule and stick to it.

- Study groups are great for sharing notes or helping each other understand complex topics.

Get creative

- Use mind maps, mnemonic devices, graphics, and other tools to help you learn.

- Try recording your notes on your phone or a voice recorder so you can listen to instead of reading them.

- Read other books on topics you need to learn more about.

Maintain good habits

- Keep your notes organized and make a list of the various topics you’ve covered in each subject for reference.

- Get plenty of sleep and eat a balanced diet.

- Stay on top of your studying so you’re not stressed out at exam time.

Practice as much as possible

- Get in the habit of writing essays only once with no rough draft.

- Use old tests to create a practice exam, with the same time limit and atmosphere as the real one.

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