Running Tips and Tricks



Maintain your progress

- Keep a running journal to help you keep up with the distances, durations, and frequency of your runs.

- Sign up for a race periodically, or set your own distance/time goals, to help you keep improving.

Mix things up

- Find different and interesting places to run. Attempt some hills.

- Try incorporating fartleks (or speed intervals) into your runs.

- Join a running club or find some friends to run with you.

- Consider taking a trip to complete a race in another city.

Stay safe

- Make sure you buy new running shoes often to avoid injury.

- Wear bright, reflective clothing at night to make yourself visible.

- Eat plenty of calories, and stay hydrated.

Allow time to recover

- Give yourself plenty of rest time before and after a big race.

- If you sustain an injury, make sure you give your body an adequate amount of time to heal.

Don't neglect workouts

- Core exercises are key to proper form.

- Strength training can do a lot to improve your running results.

Always stretch

- Moving stretches, such as lunges, help you warm up and prevent injury.

- Static stretches after running can help prevent soreness.

Don't overdo it

- Don't ever push yourself to run more or faster than you think you can.

- Allow yourself at least 1 to 2 days of rest each week so your body can recover.

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