Sample Roman Living Room

You walk into a room just in time to witness a shower of oranges and bananas falling from the chandelier and hitting the ground with dull sounds. You wait until it is safe to proceed before moving forward. However, you step on a squishy banana and slip. Conveniently, your head lands on a pillow, which cushions it from the fall. Your left leg ends up on a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style. From that position, you can see the portrait of your friend Jane on the wall. On the ground next to you is your open wallet with your credit card sticking out.

In the distant corner of the room, on the lowest level of the bookshelf, stands a glass of orange juice. Lying on its side next to the glass is a white jerrycan with pink polka dots. A cat jumps onto the highest level of the bookshelf, tipping over an Agatha Christie novel and causing it to fall to the ground with your tax return and other loose sheets of paper. Next to the bookshelf is a golden statue of a goat with a stethoscope around its neck, playing a flute as a parakeet and five little mice listen attentively.

There is a coffee table against the wall, close to you. A miniature wheelchair has been set on its glass top, next to a blue cap. Close to the two items, on the surface of the coffee table, a toy car circles, somehow managing to avoid going over the edge. The tiny car hits a wooden spoon, though, sending it off the coffee table and into the adjacent bath tub.


List of Words to Remember




The Chicago Manual of Style


Credit card

Orange juice



An Agatha Christie novel

Tax return






Blue cap

Toy car

Wooden spoon

Bath tub

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