Sample Roman Kitchen

You walk into a room with a knife in your hand. Immediately, you see a chopping board nailed to the wall at the opposite end of the room. A bull’s-eye has been painted onto the surface of the chopping board. You instinctively aim at the target and throw the knife at it. The knife hits the bull’s-eye. Close to the center of the room is a giraffe, sitting in a hospital bed. Excitedly, it presses the buttons on the side panel, causing the bed’s components to move up, down, and sideways. It shrieks in joy and laughs, pointing towards the window.

At that moment, a bottle of milk is thrown into the room through the open window. It hits the wall and bursts, sending milk all over the adjacent table. The milk spray extinguishes the candle standing in the middle of the table. Some of the milk seeps into a blonde wig and pools around a black plastic comb, both on the table, before pouring onto a stool below and soaking a matchbox and microphone on the ground.

A snail makes its way across the room slowly. Apparently, somebody has painted a U.S. flag on its shell. A squirrel scampers past the snail, heading for the miniature Canadian flag in the corner of the room. It jumps into one of a large pair of black boots, next to the upright flag. At that moment, a ringing sound comes from the other boot. Upon examination, it turns out to be a hot pink cell phone with a broken display. A large bunch of keys is also nestled inside the second boot.


List of Words to Remember


Chopping board



Hospital bed

Bottle of milk








U.S. flag


Canadian flag


Cell phone

Bunch of keys

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