Office Etiquette Tips and Tricks



Dress professionally

Change out of commuter shoes before entering the office; make sure your clothes are neat, clean, wrinkle-free, and properly fitted.

Practice good personal hygiene

Wear deodorant, brush your teeth before work, and shower regularly.

Avoid cologne and perfume

If you must wear a fragrance, make sure to use it minimally and that its scent is not strong.

Keep all office conversation and emails appropriate

Do not over-share personal information or discuss controversial or potentially offensive topics. Do not use profanity or refer to others by pet names such as "sweetheart," which can be condescending and offensive.

Be discreet

If you need to put on makeup, blow or pick your nose, or address another bodily issue, it is best to do so in the bathroom. If this is not possible or it is an emergency, try to address the issue in a place where  you are not visible to others.

Keep shared spaces and your own work area clean

Wash and put away your dishes when you are done with them. Be sure to recycle or throw away all trash.

Be considerate with food

Start a new pot of coffee if you finish the pot. Do not make popcorn or other foods that can potentially burn or create an odor issue for others.

Respect your coworkers’ property

Do not take things that don’t belong to you without permission. This includes office supplies, food from the refrigerator, or other items in the office.

Set your cell phone to vibrate or an inoffensive ringtone

Do not allow your cell phone to disrupt office meetings or to distract coworkers.

Be punctual

Make sure that you are on time to work and to all meetings.

Be kind

Do not interrupt your coworkers or gossip about them. Make sure to share credit when appropriate and compliment others for jobs well done.

Be polite and friendly

Greet coworkers; remember to say "please" and "thank you."

Avoid distracting others

Keep volume on music and conversations low. Avoid the use of speakerphone when possible.

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