Sample Job Interview Questions and Responses

Q: How will you advance this company?

This question should be answered with some tangible examples. Provide facts to support the talent you will claim to bring. Make sure you offer skills that will actually be useful to them.

A: My expertise in accounting has saved thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars for the different companies I’ve worked with. With the welfare of the very infrastructure at stake, every penny counts, and I make it my priority to account for each of those pennies. As noted on my resume, I was responsible for sourcing a funds leak disguised as a supplies expense account at Innitech Corp. I can bring that same relentless scrutiny to the books here.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

This is a good opportunity to be honest and incorporate your goals and priorities into the conversation.

A. I don’t really plan my life by year or by month. My goal is to continue developing useful software and applications for the open source community and keep learning. So, if I had to say, I’d like to still be learning in ten years. I’d like to have contributed enough useful programs to provide a whole new generation of coders with the tools they need to make life easier. I don’t really believe in retirement either, so I plan on doing this as long as I’m up and running.

Q: Why did you choose this company?

Potential employers don’t just want someone talented. They want to see if you’ll mesh with the company.

A: This has been my dream company all along. I’ve been building up my experience and developing my talent so that I could qualify for a position here. The people are genuine and among the most talented in the world, you value progress and cultivating a community of learning, and the focus is on quality work rather than arbitrary rules of conduct and performance quotas. Everyone is here because they want to be here, and they’re the best at what they do. The sense of responsibility and high standards fits in perfectly with my values.

Q: Why are you the best person for this position?

Don’t be afraid to stroke your own ego here. Don’t say anything self deprecating. Focus on this position in this company. Why shouldn’t they hire someone else?

A: I’m the best for this position here because I’ve been following this company’s progress for years. Any time there was a new release or you were mentioned in the news, I was all over it. I already know the infrastructure and history of this place like the back of my hand. Not only was my latest project focused specifically on the new language developed here, but I’ve been implementing it in my own personal work since its release six months ago. I can see being here for a very long time if the company continues in the direction it’s going.

Q: What is your biggest flaw?

Don’t panic! They’re not trying to trick you here. Everyone has flaws. What they want to know is if it will interfere with your work and whether or not you’re doing anything about it.  

I tend to be a bit too polite. When you’re too nice, people perceive you as a bit of a pushover. While I would never be rude to anyone, I try to keep the small talk from become excessive in order to maintain a “no-nonsense” reputation.

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