Sample Interview Strengths and Weaknesses

Types of Strengths


Sample Answer


- computer skills

- technical training

- product/industry knowledge

“One of my greatest strengths is my proficiency with Microsoft Excel. I have a tremendous amount of experience working with the program.”


- proficient in a language

- written or oral communication skills

- problem solving

“I have often been praised for my ability to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to problems facing my team or work group.”

Personal characteristics

- punctual

- self-motivated

- adaptable

“I am excellent at adapting to changes and becoming comfortable in new settings. This has benefitted me greatly in my career as a travel nurse.”

Types of Weaknesses


Sample Answer

Those unrelated to the position you’re seeking

- fear of speaking before groups, if the job doesn’t require it

- lack of computer skills, if the job doesn’t require the use of one

“I have learned through other jobs I’ve held that I am not a gifted salesman. That’s one of the reasons I am looking forward to the potential to change careers.”

Those that can be turned into positives

- lack of attention to detail, as a result of seeing too much of the big picture

- difficulty multi-tasking, due to an intense focus on the task at hand

“Because I concentrate so much on what I’m doing, I often have a hard time juggling interruptions and other things that come up.”

Those that you’re working to improve

- learning to delegate and spend less time on assignments

- spelling

“I’m such a perfectionist by nature that I sometimes spend much more time on tasks that necessary. As a result, I’ve learned to keep a large clock on my desk. By giving myself small deadlines all day, I make sure I don’t waste too much time.

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