How to Run a Nail Varnish and Fake Tattoo Stall

Two Parts:Practicing your makeup skillsRunning the stall

A nail varnish and tattoo stall can be an ideal stall for a school fair. If you've chosen to run one, you'll need to know how to set it up, stock it and manage it for the time that is open for business.

Part 1
Practicing your makeup skills

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    Know how to add nail polish. If you've never done it before, you may be surprised at how fiddly it is and how easy it is to end up with sloppy work. As such, get ready to play around with it for a bit, as practice makes perfect. Practice on yourself, your mom, a sibling or a group of friends. Ask for tips from those who already know how to do this. If you already know what to do, skip this step.
    • If you can't practice on real people, download a nail varnish app to practice on an in-app hand.
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    Read the instructions for the fake tattoos. Depending on which ones you're using, the instructions may vary. Know in advance what is required to put them on successfully, so trial these on willing family and friends.
    • Have some of the practice people pretend to be different characters, so that you can learn how to handle fidgeting, fussiness, etc.

Part 2
Running the stall

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    Set up the stall. If this is being done for you, simply turn up on time. If not, set up a table with a cloth on it, an array of nail polish bottles and nail polish remover, some tattoos and water and a sign to explain your stall.
    • Have a chair for you and a chair for the customer. Don't sit on the stall, always sit on a chair.
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    Be sociable. Don't call out or demand that people come to your stall. As people show curiosity, simply ask them something like: "Are you interested in any nail varnish or tattoos?". If they're not, say thanks for checking out the stall and leave it at that. If they are, get to business by inviting the customer to sit down.
    • Be well mannered. Saying "Hey you, want your nails painted mate" is not very inviting. Instead, try "Hi, would you like your nails painted?" and you'll get the customers interested.
    • Remember to say "thank you" once paid, and "please" when asking for money or for the customer to sit down.
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    While painting or pressing, don't sit in silence! Have a short chat, saying something like "So, are you enjoying the winter fair?" This will push awkward silences away and you'll get a chance to meet loads of different kids.
    • Be kind, answer questions but do not bombard them with long-winded conversation. They are customers, remember and some people hate having to converse for a long time.
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    While painting or pressing, be responsible and careful. Don't hurt the customer while pressing and try not to get nail varnish on their skin. If you do get polish on the skin, use a little nail polish remover on a cotton swab to remove it quickly.
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    Avoid giving free nail or tattoo treats. If you're lucky, you won't be asked to give away your services for nothing. But be prepared. If a customer says: "I really want pretty nails but I spent all my money on a Christmas present for mummy!", don't answer "You can have it for free, honey". That one kid will tell the whole of her/his grade and boom, you've used up all your tattoos and varnish and have only raised $2. Simply say: "Sorry hun, the sweeties over there are cheaper. This is for charity/our school remember." And give her a big smile. That's your problem solved, even if it hurts!
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    Raise money rather than spending your time socialising. Socialising and having fun is great, but if you raise $0, then your teacher will be disappointed. You might be allowed to set the prices, but sell according to what the teacher has decided. If you think that your teacher is charging too much/ too little, explain politely but don't be difficult about it. If you're allowed to choose how much you sell them for, that's great! If you're working with another person, confer with them. Perhaps charge $1 to $2 for both hands of varnish and $1 per tattoo.


  • Have fun! Your there to earn/raise money, sure, but at least look like you enjoy the activity. Looking miserable drives away customers!
  • Chill out, but don't be sloppy or messy. Wear clean clothes and don't be obnoxious.


  • If you mess up, offer a refund. Don't carry on as if you did a great job; own up to the mistake and either remedy it or give a refund.

Things You'll Need

  • 'Nail art' app (free)
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swabs, buds or similar
  • Tissues
  • Bowl for water
  • Water
  • Tattoos
  • Stall
  • Cover for stall
  • Signage
  • Money box/belt and change
  • Seating

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