How to Rule the School (Girls)

If you feel invisible every time you walk through those double doors, or you completely dread going to school, you may want to reverse all of that this year. WikiHow can help!


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    Find your style. Don't worry what other people think because even if no one else likes it, you've still stuck out in their mind. Don't bend over backwards to please others with your wardrobe. Be confident in whatever it is and the others will get over it, I promise.
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    Make time for yourself. Every morning do a mind dump to get ready for your day before anything else all your worries, thoughts, reminders, inhibitions, everything weighing down on you mind so you can start the day with a clear head. Keep a journal so you can sleep at night without a racing mind too. Give yourself time alone to do things like soak in a bubble bath for half an hour, or read for a little bit, or meditate, or Sunday morning cartoons. This will be a time you should prioritize it will save you from meltdowns, and zits from stress. NO one wants to deal with your stress and complaints.
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    Have something to do everyday of the week like horseback-riding, dance classes, volunteering at animal shelters or senior centers, swimming, youth groups at your church, etc... The point is you want to have a diverse schedule with things you can look forward to and that you are passionate about. That what people at school want: character, passion, uniqueness, and kindness.
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    Do stuff with friends at least twice a week. It might be tempting to start movie Tuesdays or sushi Saturdays but, but avoid it, you want to come across as spontaneous and unique. Go rollerskating, take a cooking class together, give each other blind dates at the same place. Be creative and be the one with the ideas the name will come with time. It might be a shock when you realize how busy you schedule is with friends but just enjoy it.
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    Be there for everyone. Sometimes its lending a pencil or gym clothes. Other times its comforting someone. Learn how to hug someone really upset possibly crying. Firmly hug them be ready to support them if they go flimsy and put more weight than usual on you. Rub their back gently and be ready to hug longer than usual. Say comforting things and after you finish hugging stick around, listen intently and, it works way better than you think, if they are also a girl and you're pretty much alone tickle their back by running your fingers up and down it. It will remind them of their mother subconsciously and will be extremely comforting unless your in public were it might be embarrassing.
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    Be understanding without agreeing with everything. When you start talking to somebody mimic slightly their body image if their tense then tense your posture slightly, follow their facial expressions,. Do this for the first few minutes to show them you get it then go back to your usual stance. Don't give them your advice unless they ask for it, and don't fire away all the different ways they could have handled things better. Sometimes just listen.
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    Get in good with the teachers. Organize your locker with flair and ease, some teachers check lockers every once in a while you don't want to be a messy locker joke. Pay attention in class and turn in your assignments correct and on time. Check grammar, check your math. write neatly put everything you've got into it. Keep a planner so you remember assignments.


  • Remember to use deodorant and brush your teeth, and keep mints around for yourself
  • Don't try to manipulate people like shows and books with "popular crowds" display as popular you will be a joke.
  • Don't ask what your school needs, ask what makes you come to life, because what your school needs is people who have come to like.
  • If you find that this isn't the life for you, than that's okay.

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