How to Roll a Giant Schnauzer's Coat

There are many online archives explaining how to roll a coat. Some say don't use scissors anywhere on the dog and if it's not white pull it out. There are many ways to roll a schnauzer's coat, this is just one of them.


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    Before you begin, wash the dog's furnishings: legs, beard, eyebrows, chest. All the bits that you never remove but just shape.
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    After bathing, put the dog up on the table and dry the dog with either a hairdryer or a blow dryer which is specifically for dogs. Concentrate on the feet first. When it comes to the head which is done last (on a mini it is done first) only blow from the top of the eyebrows down in the direction of which the hair sits. The dog must be fully dry.
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    After the dog is dry, put some 'Biogroom Pro White Powder - Harsh Coat' into the coat (the bits that are stripped). You can't overdo it, it will automatically make the coat harder. This cleans the coat and makes the hair easier to pull. For starters take up your 'Mars Coat King Original 16 Blade' and while your dog is standing/lying down taunt the skin via the neck and pull the mars through all the way. Remove the hair from it and repeat. Go 2-3 times in one spot then move to another. When it comes to the side and the legs, put the dog on its side. It makes it easier.
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    Take up either your Mikki Stripping knife (red) or your Mars Stripping Knife - Medium and at an angle almost vertical leaning away from you (teeth pointing towards you). Repeat what you did with the Mars coat king.
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    Take up your Grooming stone. On the same angle used for the stripping knife run it over the coat. If it becomes rounded run it on some concrete to create a flat edge. It works better this way. Go all over the coat. For the ears, take the stone and rub with the hair until it sits flat against the ear. Don't bother about the back of the ear.
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    For the tail, strip it back with the stripping knife. If the tail is docked don't strip out a lot. It should still remain fully covered in hair. Don't worry about the tip yet.
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    For the top of the head, take up your Greyhound Metal Stripping Stone 6mm and pull out all of the bits that stick up. Do this until the hair sits flat on the head.
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    Take a step back and look at the dog as a whole. Pull out any hair that is randomly sticking out of the jacket with your fingers (you can also use a 'Greyhound Metal Stripping Stone either 8mm or 13mm). If you are satisfied with the coat, take the blow dryer and blow the rest of the grooming powder out and let your dog out for a bit of a run. He deserves it. Just don't let him get too dirty.


  • Try not to put a hole in your dog's coat, but if you do, don't fret. It will grow back. Just don't strip as much in that area next time.


  • If your dog struggles, make sure you're the boss. Growl at the dog for struggling and give it treats and praise for staying still. You can't let your dog think it can get away with such behaviours. For first time groomers. Get your friends to help pin the dog down when necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Grooming table and restraints (to keep your dog on the table and standing up)
  • Dog blow dryer (preferable)
  • Biogroom Pro White Powder - Harsh Coat
  • Mars Coat King Original 16 Blade
  • Mikki Stripping knife (red)/Mars Stripping Knife - Medium
  • Greyhound Metal Stripping Stone 6mm

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