How to Role Play a Detective

Do you want to be a detective? Then look no further. This article will tell you everything you need to know about acting like a detective.


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    Make a spy kit. Get a bag or black box or even a briefcase and fill it with all the necessary things a spy might need. This includes:
    • magnifying glass or a pocket magnifying glass
    • talcum powder (for dusting fingerprints)
    • binoculars
    • a notebook (for making profiles of your targets)
    • tweezers
    • test tubes
    • small and large zip-lock bags
    • a voice disguise machine
    • a ski mask
    • gloves
    • sunglasses
    • a flashlight
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    Get some friends to join you. It's always more fun with a friend. Make sure you can trust them with your secrets and master plan. If you have a group, try creating a few missions and assigning each "agent" to each mission.
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    Create an "assignment". Choose a target, find a lead, and create a master plan (with a back up, of course).
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    Make sure you're prepared for your mission. Your pen should be fully inked, your flashlight should have a full battery, your tape recorder should have tape in it, etc. Go on a practice run before the mission, just to make sure everything will go as planned. If you have enough friends with you, you can even make a "spy training school".
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    Create a secret base. This can be as complex as a hidden room behind a bookshelf or as simple as a cardboard box in the alleyway. It's always fun to have a secret base, and it encourages you to continue role-playing.
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    Record your adventures. You'll look back on this when you're older and will want to remember your daring feats of stealth.


  • Act natural.
  • Learn how to quickly sketch to make note of suspects.
  • When spying in a large area with a group, assign areas to each person.
  • Wear clothes like reversible hats and sweaters, and pants that unzip into shorts for an easy quick change if you're spotted.
  • Be alert, make sure no one's tracking you.
  • Tie burlap over your shoes to cover up your footprints.
  • Look because everything is evidence.
  • When you are going to disguise as a real person, then spy on him/her for a few days, and see how they walk, and talk.
  • You need some disguises to get some info that you can't get by being yourself. Try to have a wide range of disguises. Make sure you have wigs, makeup, old clothes, some weird clothes, and other accessories.
  • Lemon juice works well as an invisible ink. To use, dip cotton swabs in it and write in between the lines of an ordinary message, as it will look less suspicious than a blank paper. When you wish to read the note hold the paper to a light.
  • When you leave your secret base, put two locks on everything (1 padlock, and 1 key lock) and keep the key well hidden.


  • If you happen to stumble upon a real crime or danger, DO NOT GET INVOLVED. Call the police or 911 immediately. Keep your local police station's phone number in your cell phone.
  • Don't do anything illegal.
  • Make sure nobody knows about the spy club unless you told them.
  • Don't go to places or forts that you don't know about.

Things You'll Need

  • camera (optional)
  • spy journal
  • pencils and pens
  • magnifying glass
  • disguise clothes
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • maps of the area
  • notes of shortcuts
  • compact mirror
  • gloves
  • sunglasses
  • listening device
  • cellphone
  • Ziploc bags
  • laptop(optional)
  • first aid kit
  • fingerprint kit(black powder with tape, and a small paint brush)
  • index cards with sharpies (for labeling pictures)

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