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Two Methods:Finding a StyleRocking Your Hairstyle

Shorter hairstyles are getting popular fast for women, and it's little wonder why. Though they work for some faces better than others, short hair is sure to make you stand out in a crowd, and with some sense of aesthetic and style, you can make it look as good or better than any longer hairstyle. Truly rocking short hair depends a lot on getting in touch with your natural look and knowing how to bring out the best in yourself. Whether you're going for a conservative, comfortable hairstyle or an edgy fashion statement, carrying whatever hairstyle you have with confidence is the surest way to get heads turning in your direction.

Method 1
Finding a Style

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    Decide if short hair is right for you. Whether or not you're likely to suit short hair depends on the shape of your face.[1] Generally speaking, longer faces favour longer hair, and rounder faces are most suited to shorter styles. If you do have a longer face, you still shouldn't dismiss the possibility of having shorter hair; the bottom line of the matter should depend on your personal style and sense of aesthetic.
    • Measure the length from the bottom of your ear to your chin. If it is less than 5.5cm, short hair is most recommended.[2] Keep in mind that this is a very simplistic test and shouldn't be taken as a final indicator whether or not you should change your hairstyle.
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    Choose a hairstyle. Taking the plunge and cutting your hair will be a big move, but it can be just to think to revitalize your look if you think your style is growing stale. Potential hairstyles are plentiful, and it can be overwhelming to find one that suits you. Go online and check some online galleries that specifically showcase short hairstyles. With each style that appeals to you, try to imagine what you would look like. Spiking hair, slicking it back, and waving it with your fingers are effective ways of crafting a hairstyle.
    • Ask a hairstylist. If you're any bit unsure what you should do with your hair, you can always enlist the help of a hairstylist. Hairstylists see a wide range of different hair and face types over the course of their day, and an impartial perspective may help you figure out what you should do.
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    Dye your hair.[3] Once you have a hairstyle that suits you, you can choose to dye it if you think it fits your aesthetic. Rocking short hair is sometimes considered a daring move, and it's all the moreso when you add dye to the mix. An unnatural hair colour, like orange or magenta, will bring attention to your new 'do.
    • It is arguable that dyed hair is actually easier to pull off with shorter hair. It's also quite a bit cheaper, due to the fact you'll have less hair to colour.
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    Experiment with your hair. The great thing about hair is that it grows back; of course it's not recommended to treat it lightly or mess with a hairstyle you're already super happy with, but you can always experiment in more subtle ways. Trying out different hair colours, parting or setting your hair in difference ways, or even recutting it will give you a chance to get the hair that matches your personal preferences.
    • It definitely helps to keep a few online gallery tabs open. Use other persons' examples and eye down a style that suits you best; this is much easier than trying them all yourself!
    • If you want to go through a number of hairstyles in a short period of time for testing's sake, start with the longest hairstyles, and trim it down until you reach a hairstyle you're comfortable with keeping.

Method 2
Rocking Your Hairstyle

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    Give your hair some post-shower styling. You'll never know the regular look of your hair until you give it a good soak in the shower. Once you get out and dry off, you should have a better indicator what you'll look like. With each new hairstyle, you should try applying different products (like conditioner and mousse) and drying it different ways. Gel is helpful if you're trying to make it spike, and the way you blow-dry your hair can even help determine how it will set throughout the day.
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    Spruce your hair with extra volume. Adding volume is usually associated with longer hairstyles, but even short hair can benefit from added lustre. Treating your hair with a dime-sized dollop of mousse is a quick and simple way to give your hair volume.[4] If your current hair routine doesn't include something for volume, consider looking into it for your new hairstyle.
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    Wear a headband.[5] Headbands are easy to wear, and can give your head an instant look of class. Headbands with short hair are arguably most closely associated with the gamine style from the 1920s and 30s. Adding a headband to your wardrobe is a good move if you're going for a more vintage look.
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    Accent your face with makeup. Makeup is and always should be considered optional, but many find it to be especially effective in the case of a short hairstyle. Short hair will bring added emphasis to your face, and giving your eyes more vibrance with the help of mascaras or eyeshadows. Think of your hair as a frame or your face; look at yourself in the mirror, pick out what features stand out the most, and emphasize them further.[6]
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    Dress to suit your hairstyle. A hairstyle is but one aspect of your overall look, and dressing to be consistent with your hairstyle will leave a stronger impression on people. Casual short hair on women is sometimes seen as tomboyish; playing into that conception can be seen as cute, but you can choose to dress very feminine if you're looking to work against it.[7] Aim for tighter-fitting clothes, as bagginess doesn't work near as much with short hair.
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    Maintain your hair. Trimming your hair regularly is a must if you're interested in having a short hairstyle. Depending on the length and the style you're keeping it at, a couple weeks of natural hair growth can change (or hinder) the look you're going for. Give it frequent attention, and develop a firm eye for how you think your hair should look.[8]
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    Be confident! Now that you've got a new hairstyle, it's time to show it off to the world. Keep in mind, however, that no amount of style can act as a sufficient replacement for believing in yourself and sporting some confidence on the side. Confidence can be a tricky thing for a lot of people, but it doesn't have to be for you. Take a long look at yourself in the morning and know that you rock that hairstyle. If there's anything you're still dissatisfied with, you can always change it.
    • If you are worried about looking less feminine with short hair-- don't. Hair length has little to do with femininity. It's all about carrying yourself in a way that lets people know that you love being you.


  • Ask some friends or family what they think if you're unsure whether to cut your hair shorter. Close friends are arguably more used to looking at you than you are, so they may have some helpful advice up their sleeves.


  • Hair does regrow in the case that you don't like your shorter hair, but it'll probably take a while before it's back to a length you like. In the meantime, you can make do with what you have; wearing a nice hat is an effective option if you're insecure with your hair length.

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