How to Rivet AN 470 Ad 4 4 Rivets

The fuselage of an aircraft is kept together by rivets. For this reason, it is extremely important that when the skin is put together, the mechanic has great training on how to shoot rivets. One of the most common rivets that is used in aircraft maintenance is the AN 470 AD 4-4, a universal head rivet with a dimple. It's an important part of the maintenance process and a critical skill to learn.


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    Drill out holes with the number 40 drill head where needed. Always start with a small drill head to make sure the holes are more accurate.
  2. 2
    Gauge the holes with the drill head needed for the job; in this case the number 30 will be used.
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    Hold a bigger drill head with your hand and de-burr , which means to get rid of the excess of material and to make the hole smooth to ensure less stress, this will prevent the material from cracking.
  4. 4
    Get the rivet gun ready; make sure the head of the gun is just a little bigger than the head of the rivet.
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    Find the rivet needed, in this case the AN 470 AD 4-4.
  6. 6
    Lock the piece that is going to be riveted, with the help of a clamp.
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    Put the rivet on the hole and the gun at the top of the rivet with the bucking bar at the bottom.
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    Making sure that the gun and the bucking bar are on a straight position, press the trigger and start the riveting process. Any lines or bends on the rivets are unacceptable and rivets with this problem have to be removed.
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    Repeat the process for every hole on the piece.
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    To remove a rivet take a drill with a number 30 drill head, and drill a hole at the middle of the head of the rivet; make sure not to make it too deep or it might damage the piece.
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    Place a pin punch in the hole made on the head of the rivet, and hit it with a ball pein hammer to avoid damaging the piece.

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