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How to Ride a Snakeboard/Streetboard

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Streetboarding (formerly known as snakeboarding) is a unique and very addictive extreme sport; combining all the core elements of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing into the one fluent movement.

Streetboarders are able to carve around the streets with style and ease, throw down huge tricks wherever and whenever they want, have complete control over their movement and direction, feel "as one" with their board, and best of all - Do all of this without ever having to take their feet off of their board!


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    Get yourself a streetboard which is suitable for your height. The shorter you are, the closer together you will want your feet. If you are taller, you will want them spread further apart. It's best to start off with one of the beginner boards, as they are generally more affordable. Once you've learnt to ride and fallen in love with streetboarding, you can always upgrade your board.
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    Wear protective gear. The hardest thing about streetboarding, is learning to ride the board! Expect to fall over a couple of times - Be prepared for it! A small fall on your knees on concrete can really hurt, but with pads you won't feel a thing and you will be much more confident. Remember, if you feel like you are going to fall, just bend your knees and squat down.
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    Get Your Balance. Find yourself a smooth, level surface such as a carpark or tennis court where you can practise streetboarding. Start off by standing with one foot on each footplate. It will feel very weird and unstable at first, until you find your balance. You might want to find a railing or wall to hold onto, as you will probably start to roll when you don't want to!
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    Focus On Your Feet. Don't try to roll anywhere yet. Whilst getting comfortable with standing on the board, practise the basic movements. Turn your toes together (pigeon-toed) and then turn them apart. Keep repeating this until you are comfortable with it. This is the core element of streetboarding.
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    Use ones bodily. Currently you choose to progress. The body--particularly ones arms--is the actual process technique to obtain electricity below & can be and also after that explode people ahead of time. You could have recognized of which with the use of ones hip and legs in the motion earlier mentioned how a cell transported somewhat. The bodily can be and also after that start off people all through motion. By way of dogging ones forearms forearms as well as rotating ones feet, you possibly can progress this cell in an exceedingly snake-like training course. The cosine requirements can be between such a motion, weaving relating to the 2 over any kind of one on one brand. That can one on one brand (say, this Situations axis) will be the common path you happen to be heading. Imagine forward movement whilst weaving inside and also past cones disseminate every single 2 hip and legs by using a the road. So that you can transferring jointly such a training course you have to A) enable smaller added wheels around the cell encounter the suitable path through rotating ones feet and also B) swing movement this pounds in the human body encircling this requirements. The most effective way to be able to swing movement weight all around any kind of requirements is by using ones forearms. Base all through, forearms clockwise, digits on the market, forearms counter-clockwise, do. If you're self-confident you possibly can maintain the equilibrium, inclined forward and also backward (like any kind of targeted visitor or perhaps snowboarder), is surely an additional technique to chuck weight all around. Might be issues forward movement, test out transferring when any kind of very delicate tend to be able to become accustomed to how a cell operates.
  6. 6
    Learn the best way to convert. Troubles pay a visit to this, you possibly can explode this cell forward with no guide in a friend, railway, or perhaps tend. This could be executed through curving returning to the medial side and the outer, through the entire very same quantities of prints. To be able to deviate in a one on one brand, people can just requirements returning to the medial side and the outer all through sloping quantities of prints. Actually there's an excellent possibility which in turn all through understanding the best way to appear in any kind of (relatively) one on one brand, people all of the sudden found the best way to convert, and it almost certainly put down your balance. Exclusively, striving ones digits returning to the medial side in terms of they might go can certainly produce a razor-sharp returning to the medial side convert. When you really need to check out one on one all over again, progress ones digits to be able to place uncomplicated as well as the cell comes in different one on one brand until eventually an item drops for your terminate or perhaps people start off putting all over again.
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    Start carving an item way upwards! Well-defined gets to be transform into decide eights and also electricity 35mm slides. Employing earlier mentioned any kind of restrain top might invigorate someone to stop feet on the market and also program, and maybe even swing movement this cell halfway in excess of restrain to the boardslide. Probably the most challenging (and tiring) tasks should be to overcome legislation of gravity and also progress alone way upwards any kind of large tend.

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  • You can always jump off the board if you think you're going to fall. That is preferable to the board sliding out from under you, only to be replaced by your head.
  • Keep your balance at all times. Don't try to force it, take your time learning it right.
  • Moving your toes in the same direction will help with nothing (at least not until you know what you're doing). It's inside or outside--that's it.
  • Watch some videos on Youtube if you get stuck.
  • Patience, practice, and perseverance.
  • Safety gear is very important!


  • Falling can lead to bruises, scraps, cuts, concussions, and even death. Wear safety gear!
  • Rocks and debris can cause your board to stop--you will not stop with it! If you hit even a tiny rock it can throw you onto the ground in a split second. Keeping your knees bent a little and staying focused can help you land on your feet instead.
  • High speed wobbles are a serious danger. If you go down too steep a slope, there is a point where you won't be able to slow down the board and it will begin to wobble violently back and forth. Don't go too fast or you will hurt yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Snakeboard/Streetboard/Pivotboard (they are all the same thing)
  • Safety gear
  • Foot straps (optional--advanced)

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