How to Ride a Horse That Always Bucks

Any horse person goes through that one horse that always wants to swish is tail and kick out. Here is an article to help you work through it.


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    Never begin just by getting on the horse. Groundwork is the greatest thing in the art of horsemanship. Begin by free lunging the horse. No, this is not to get energy out, this is to gain respect. Do walk, trot, and canters both ways.(To change direction while free lunging, step in front of the horses shoulder while standing in the middle of the round pen).
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    After lunging put the string of the whip over the horse's back and just hold him by the halter and walk him around while holding the other end of the whip. After 3 or 4 laps, take off his halter and let him follow you. If he doesn't do some more laps with the halter until he may be ready(Keep in mind this may take several times, but usually works the first time).
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    Now slide the whip off of his back slowly and pet him and give him a treat if he follows you for at least one lap. You have now gained his trust!
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    Do not ride him this day, in fact, don't ride him for at least a week. Do this exercise one more time and the rest of it just groom or graze him.
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    After a week put his saddle on and do the exercise I told you above. Then get on and just walk him around and if he bucks just use a crop and tap him near the girth and say a sharp "Ehhh!" If he doesn't buck after 4 or 5 laps just get off and say "good boy!" Graze him or do something he likes when you're done if he does good. If he does bad then ride him a little longer and don't do his "treat" that day.


  • Learn more about the horse's past because he may have been mistreated. Many mistreated horses will buck because that is their instinct.
  • Another thing you could try is to get on and walk him on a loose rein for 2 laps in a round pen. After that dismount and immediately make him trot or canter 5 laps. Do this many times until he may walk to the center as if asking to be ridden. This worked amazingly with a stubborn pony I used to ride.
  • Make sure your tack is on properly. He may be uncomfortable.


  • Bucking is highly dangerous. It is very important to have someone watching you if riding a bucking horse.

Things You'll Need

  • 'Round Pen
  • Lunge Whip
  • Tack (Saddle, Bridle, etc.)
  • Horse

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