How to Ride a Horse in Hot and Humid Conditions

If you live where the local conditions are often hot and humid, you can feel disinclined to go riding. There are ways of minimizing the discomfort and still enjoy going for rides with your horse, as well as ensuring that both of you stay safe in the heat.


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    Choose the time of day wisely. It may be easier to ride the horse in the early morning in the evening, when the sun is not as fierce. The preferred time of day will be impacted by the local weather conditions and your availability.
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    Tack up your horse as usual.
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    Give your horse plenty of water before you ride. Follow the example and drink water yourself as well.
    • Make sure you and your horse stay hydrated. Bring some water along with you for the ride and know where the horse can get a drink from during the ride.
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    Plan the ride taking into account the temperature. Be sure that you and your horse take regular breaks during the ride; plan for these. Keep the ride shorter than you would during cooler weather. For example, don't ride for more than 3 hours as a total, and ensure that there are plenty of breaks included in that time allowance.
    • Try to find riding areas that are cooler. For example, ride through forest trails or along the shaded side of hills.
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    Keep an eye on your health and your horse's health. If you feel too hot, your horse will too. If you start to feel sick, end the ride as quickly as possible. If riding with others, let them know how you're feeling; they may need to assist you.
    • Watch your horse closely for heatstroke. As with humans, horses can get heatstroke too.
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    Cool your horse down after the ride. When you're done, remove the tack. Give your horse a drink, treats, or a nice pat. The treats and pat are nice, but most of all, ensure that your horse gets some water. Cool your horse down by hosing it (make sure to not get water in the horse's ears).
    • Let the horse relax and graze in a sheltered spot.
  7. 7
    Get out of the heat and get some water for yourself. Respect what your horse did for you that day.


  • Water scrape your horse when you're done riding it.
  • Know the signs of heatstroke in horses and yourself.
  • Never get off your horse and leave it unattended.


  • If you do not drink enough water, then you may get a headache and feel sick. You may even vomit. If this happens, seek medical attention.

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