How to Rid Yourself of Illnessess and Pain

If you suffer from constant illness and pain, life is not enjoyable and you end up missing out on many things. Everything from nurturing your relationships, getting the job you desire, life events in general, and just enjoying an active lifestyle. You shouldn't try to cope alone, even though it's very difficult to force yourself to go out and/or have people over. However, along with help from the appropriate health professionals, there are many things you can do to make life more enjoyable and rewarding.


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    See your doctor. Before anything else, explore what is happening to you with a doctor. Your doctor will make a decision if you need medication, physical therapy, rest, and support. Your Dr. will also tell you if you need to see additional specialists, including a pain doctor. Do not be surprised if you need more than one appointment with your regular Dr. before being referred to a specialist, that is completely normal. Many Dr.'s are very conservative when it comes to pain relief, so make sure you are very upfront about how much pain you are in. Otherwise it's easy for the Dr. to not understand exactly how much you hurt.
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    Share how much pain you're in with your family and friends. If they know how you're feeling they won't judge you when you miss events or have to lie down during a visit. When you share how difficult things are it makes you feel better and allows the people who love and care for you to support you during this difficult time.
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    Keep a journal, both for emotional release and for your medical records. Record how you feel during the day. If something triggers pain, write it down, if you find when you eat something specific the pain is worse, keep a record. Your Dr. will find it invaluable and it will help you over time to remember how you felt at certain times. Doing this helps your Dr. recognize symptoms and issues, allowing your Dr. to diagnose you more accurately. If you are having seizures or other life threatening events be sure to wear a med-alert bracelet so that health professionals and EMTs are aware in case of an emergency..
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    Take a warm (not hot) bath and mix in a small amount of pure sodium or Epsom Salts to relieve stress and soothe your muscles. Soak and enjoy relaxing for no more than 45 minutes and then, if you are able to tolerate the sensation and it does not cause further pain, gently massage a fragrance-free and dye-free moisturizer with lidocaine liberally all over your body slowly after drying off.
    • Apply other, light, natural hygiene items (like powder or lip balm or deodorant) after.
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    When you first injure yourself it's considered an acute injury. When you have an acute injury ice is the best immediate treatment. The best way to ice an area is to use an ice pad that conforms to your body, in a pinch you can use a bag of frozen vegetables, such as peas, wrapped in a towel. Use it for no more than 15 minutes at a time. Repeat every hour. On the other end of the spectrum, heat is better for chronic muscle and joint stiffness and cramping. Heat loosens tight muscles and helps soothe joint pain. Both ice and heat help to relieve pain and are valuable tools to have in your arsenal.
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    If your pain persists, escalates, is uncontrollable, or is not a normal pain, see a doctor immediately. Sometimes a sudden increase in pain and discomfort is considered a flare and completely normal for your condition but in others it can be a sign that there is a serious issue becoming worse. Only your Dr. can decide which it is. Do not try to diagnose yourself.
    • If you feel you need to go to a Dr., by all means go. Do not force yourself to live life in pain, there is no reason for anyone to do that. And that goes for emotional pain as well. If you are having emotional pain get a referral to a psychiatrist, in many cases emotional pain can actually cause physical pain.
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    Meditation often helps with pain. Inhale for the count of 5, hold, exhale for the count of 5, hold, repeat. Focus on your breathing rather than the pain. Think about things that make you feel happy and content. This removes your focus on your pain and allows it to subside.
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    Do not self diagnose. When you do that it is easy to think the worst. While yes, it could be something catastrophic such as cancer, it most likely isn't. However, it should absolutely be brought to the attention of a Dr. You don't have the training to figure out what is causing your pain when you're hurting unbearably for a long time. See your Dr. and let him diagnose and help you, that is what he is there for.


  • Massage can help chronic pain, try one and if it works make it a regular habit. If you find it is too expensive try using a deal of the day type of website to find less expensive services.
  • Walking can help move muscles gently and assist in decreasing pain. Swimming is also an excellent way to stretch muscles and relieve the pressure on your body. Try light exercise and see if it helps.
  • Sometimes lying in bed makes the pain worse. You may find that moving around and getting out of bed periodically helps.
  • When you have pain that causes your skin to be very sensitive consider buying clothing made with Modal, and bedding made with microfiber as well as micro-plush blankets. They are much lighter and more soothing on your skin. Roughness may make your pain more acute.
  • Have friends and family help with housework if you need the assistance, or consider hiring someone to come in occasionally and clean. If you are hurting too much it's likely the little things are being ignored, pay someone to take care of them if you can. If you can't afford to pay someone do not be too proud to ask your friends and family. They love you and will very likely help you gladly.
  • If you are involved with a church, synagogue or mosque, contact them. Your religious leader will often come to your home to talk to you and give you support. This can be an excellent resource if you don't have family.

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