How to Revise Your Writing Assignment

A good writing assignment clearly defines its goals and explains the study in a very understandable form. Writing your assignments is one task but revising them is another. If you submit your assignment without revising it, you risk losing a lot of marks when your evaluator sees that you failed to ensure consistency, good grammar and tying up of loose ends. It is therefore important to go fully through your assignment once it has been completed. Revising takes practice and you can build up this skill gradually.


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    Check the presentation. This means that your assignment should be submitted in a presentable form so that it creates a good first impression. Frame the first sentence of your assignment in such a way that it captures the attention of your reader and motivates them to read further. Make sure to introduce your idea and goals clearly. Present your graphs and tables neatly. If your assignment lacks these points, edit it to make it suitable.
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    Pay heed to “transition”. Do your paragraphs connect to each other? Is the relationship between your paragraphs clear? Are the paragraphs in a logical order? If your paragraphs do not follow a proper sequence, it is time to modify them and link them to each other properly so that the entire assignment is meaningful. Eliminate any redundant paragraph and shorten them if you can.
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    Check sentences and phrases. Check that your sentences are short and to the point. They should not carry any irrelevant data. The tone should be consistent across the sentences. They should flow properly and be clear and logical, too. Avoid sentence fragments and dangling modifiers.
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    Improve vocabulary, wherever needed. Use the right set of words in your assignment. Select the word terminology according to your study area and use it in a consistent manner. Make sure that there are no spelling errors. Good writing involves using the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. You can’t entirely rely on grammar software programs, since the words are checked in isolation and are not viewed in context with each other.
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    Check for originality. You can, of course, take ideas from other writers' work but it is necessary to cite them as references in your assignment; otherwise your work can be labelled as plagiarized. If that happens, your assignment may receive a heavy deduction of marks. Be sure to frame your entire assignment originally.

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