How to Retube Your Laney Amp

How to retube your Laney amp!


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    Get the best Preamp tubes you can afford. (These are the small tubes that take your guitar signal and make sure you have the first stage of amplification. They give you the clear and crystal tone). If you can afford old school preamp tubes like Mullard or Philips, do it. However, if you are strapped on cash or if you want to have consistency of your sound year after year, just go with the new made preamp tubes (like Sovtek, JJ, Electro Harmonix and some new reissue types).
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    Output tubes. These bad boys give you the final stage of amplification in order to color your sound and provide you with balls and character. These tubes give your amp that identity like a “Marshall” or “Fender” type of tone. Many people neglect these tubes. If you want more glassy and chimey sound, EL34 is your choice. Here are the output tubes you can’t go wrong with:
    • EL34 Electro Harnonix.
    • 6L6 Sovtek (there are 2 types, so read the description of sound carefully before you buy them)
    • JJ 6L6 Good choice for all round work.
    • NOS Russian made: 6P3S-E ( Works with Laney! Don’t try for different amps!!! ) These tubes are Soviet military types. Dirt cheap reinforced and built like a tank. Watch out and buy only MATCHED PAIR OR MATCHED QUAD for your amp. All the rest is crap. You don’t want to put crappy output tubes in your amp to save some money. You will screw up your amp and it will be a costly mistake.
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    Install your tubes.
    1. First of all before you start, download a user manual for your amp (for Laney they are available online) and go ahead and check out the position of your tubes. Than and only than you can proceed!
    2. Remove the old tubes with a gentle rotating motion!!! Your tube sockets are fragile, so treat them like a small kitten.
    3. After you remove the tubes, put the new ones in with the same care and respect as removal of your tubes.
    4. AFTER your tubes are in place, take your manual and write down what tubes you put in in each socket. Don’t worry about the paperwork, it will save you some serious pain in the ass when you want to adjust your tone!
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    Connect your amp and put it on standby for about 30 minutes. It will allow your amp to meet the new tubes and adjust itself to them. After 30 minutes just flip it on and start shredding! You’re done!


  • Select your tubes carefully! Read reviews and opinions before you buy
  • Never buy used tubes ( especially the output tubes )
  • Unplug your amp and let it sit around for one day in order to let it drain the excess current out of the tubes


  • Never work on your amp when it's plugged into the 110/220 Volt socket!

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