How to Resize a Christmas Tree

If you've just cut down the perfect tree for your family's Christmas, but it's not the right size OR shape, then here's some tips to help you out.


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    Lay the tree on its side. It'd be a good idea, instead of keeping it up. You wouldn't need a ladder, at least.
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    Cut from the bottom up. You might want to roll it from right to left so you can get every spot.
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    After cutting, lift it up and set it so it's steady. Take a close look at the tree, and make sure there aren't any bald spots or enlarged branches that you missed.
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    Walk around the tree, and see if it looks well everywhere. The back is just as important as the front!
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    Finish setting it up, and check your water holder if the tree is real. Fill it up if needed. If it's not, you can begin decorating!


  • When you begin cutting the tree, you might want to do it outside. You'll save yourself and your home a whole lot of stickiness and branches.
  • Once at the top of the tree, be very gentle with it. Refrain from cutting the branch at the top, It's what gives the tree it's shape. And it's where the tree topper goes.
  • When cutting it, try to make a shape out of it. Like the shape that fake Christmas trees all have. Try to make that kind of triangle shape, instead of a bulgy lump.
  • It'd be a good idea, if the tree's too tall, to chisel and saw a little bit of the trunk off each time. Saw, set up, saw, and set up. It's a lot of work, but it's better than the tree going through your ceiling.


  • If you're cutting the tree in your home, then clean up afterwards. The sap and branches can leave dents and scratches in your floor. For carpet, it's most likely the sap will stick to your carpet, making it hard to clean. For wood, the branches will cause scratches in the wood, and the sap will rot through the floor, if left for too long.

Things You'll Need

  • Chainsaw
  • regular saw
  • gloves
  • someone else to keep the tree still while cutting.

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