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Satanism is a set of philosophical values. "The contrary of Judeo-Christianity" would work as a rule of thumb. This article will not explain the religion, it will tell you where to go to research it for yourself. This page attempts to be objective so that anyone can use it to conduct productive research and to avoid common mistakes made when looking around online.


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    Find the right sources. If you want to know about Buddhism, do not ask a Scientologist; likewise, do not ask a Christian about Satanism. Be conscious that contradicting 'Satanic' organizations will offer different information on Satanism. This is their opinion; they are entitled to it, but if you want to research Satanism (not just an offshoot of it) you should seek the source/founding of the religion. At The Church of Satan's website you can find all the information you need or methods in which to obtain further information such as The Satanic Bible.
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    Define your terms. There is a difference between Satanism and Devil-Worship. Satanism, being referred to here in this Wiki-how, is the religion formed by LaVey based on The Satanic Bible. Devil worship refers to the practice of believing in the reverse of Christianity. There are also theistic or traditional Satanists who believe in a real Satan, which members of the Church of Satan do not.
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    Buy and read the Satanic Bible. This book is publish by Avon and was written by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1969. It is readily available at good book stores for about USD$10.
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    Go to Letters to the Devil. It is a well moderated forum, links given below.
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    Read the following books (in roughly this order):
    • 'The Church of Satan' by Blanche Barton,
    • 'Satan Speaks!' by LaVey,
    • 'The Devil's Notebook' by LaVey,
    • 'The Secret Life of a Satanist' by Barton,
    • 'The Satanic Rituals' by LaVey,
    • 'The Satanic Witch' by LaVey,
    • 'Might is Right' by Ragnar Redbeard,
    • 'Nietzsche (Although he is not satanist)
    • 'The Satanic Scriptures' by Peter Gilmore


  • The FBI researched claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse during the 1980s as a result of increasing reports of these activities. The results came back negative in all aspects. A book called 'Satanic Panic' by Jeffrey S. Victor covers the situation. See the links given below.


  • Most Satanists prefer to be called Satanists. However, some who follow the teachings of LaVey do not call themselves as 'LaVeyan'.

Other types of Satanists call themselves 'Theistic' or traditional to identify their beliefs in spiritual Satanism.

  • There are a few churches that have formed after the Church of Satan and First Satanic Church, which use LaVey's material but have very different tenets to that of The Church of Satan. These individual churches vary from ignorable to cult status. Be safe with who you deal with.
  • Your well-formed, genuine questions will receive sincere well formed answers at the Letters to The Devil and The 600 Club forums.

Things You'll Need

  • Official sources of information such as:
  • The Satanic Bible
  • The Official Church of Satan's website

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