How to Research and Find Adrenaline Travel Adventures

What is Adrenaline Travel? For starters, it is not running top speed to catch your plane! While this certainly falls into the adrenaline and travel category, here are some better examples of true Adrenaline Travel.

The Adrenaline Travel we speak of is an exotic fun and thrilling adventure activity at an exotic destination.

While Bungee Jumping or Swimming with Great White Sharks might not be everyone's cup of tea, activities such as these high-thrill seeking adventures have become more and more popular, especially among teenagers and the twenties/thirties crowd - though please note, as long as your doctor approves, you are not limited by your age. Only you know what is right for your physical capabilities.

Here is how to get an adrenaline adventure trip...


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    Research All Adrenaline Adventure Travel By These Methods:
    • There are many popular on-line travel companies that offer excellent Destination Guides, as part of their website. These include the likes of the travel giants Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.
    • In addition, there are activity and location specific travel brochures that one may request free of charge. Please access these highly informative guides through the Internet by simply typing into your favorite search engine the words, Adventure Travel Destinations, or other similar phrase terms. These free guides will help you in all facets of your research efforts towards making your own Adrenaline Adventure Trip itinerary.
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    Select your destinations. There are many popular hot spots for adventure travel. These are some of the most popular possibilities:
    • Colorado - California - Nevada- Hawaii - Florida - Canada - all US States - the Caribbean Islands - Mexico - Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Cozumel, Mexico - Costa Rica - Brazil - Bolivia - Peru - Cozumel- Jamaica - Puerto Rico - Europe - Australia - Africa - Asia - to name a few.
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    Develop A Detailed Travel Plan of Choices. Okay, so just about anywhere and everywhere you will find some of the best adventure travel on the planet. It will entirely depend on your choice of adventure in the previous step. You will in all likelihood want to make a list,with four equal columns, following this chart method>
    • 1st column: All adventure activities of interest.
    • 2nd column: Destinations where you can partake in that adventure.
    • 3rd column: Name of Travel Provider that sells this adventure.
    • 4th column: Approximate Cost.
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    Decide The Exact Activity: Narrow Down Your Activity Of Choice. Take into consideration the time of year or if your activity is seasonal.
    • Scuba Diving. Shipwreck Diving. Cave Diving.
    • Bungee Jumping
    • Treasure Hunting: Land or by Sea
    • Archaeological Digs
    • Astronomy Trips: Seeking new areas of space or spotting time sensitive planetary movements, including comets and asteroids. While this is one of the safest Adrenaline Trips, it still makes our list due to having the opportunity to discover the unknown!
    • Sky Diving: Parachuting
    • Para-sailing
    • Hang-Gliding
    • Mountain Climbing: Rock Climbing. Ice Climbing.
    • Adrenaline Sports: Plan a ski trip that has slopes and runs that will challenge you. Learn Ski Jumping. Ski Ballet. Ski Aerials. Big Mountain Skiing [well established sport though known to be extremely dangerous]. The same list could be make for surfing and big wave riding! Plan your next vacation to a destination known to have these sports.
    • Others: There are so many adventures! You are only limited by your imagination, Some people combine two or three adventures together, depending on time constraints and budget.
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    Decide Who You Will Go With. An adventure of this kind will best be sought by having a buddy or two along. Show them this article and see if you can peak their interest!
  6. 6
    Be Safe.Adrenaline Vacations will invariably have their own special safety requirements for obvious reasons. The whole reason they are considered "high thrills", is due to the inherent or at least "perceived danger." Don't take chances. Learn the ropes!
  7. 7
    Have Fun! Take photos and share with all. These are memories to cherish for a lifetime.


  • Buy a good concealed money belt so you can hide your cash on your body.
  • Get Doctor Approval. Only you know your own limitations though some of these activities you may not have partaken in. Therefore it is always advisable to seek the guidance of a good travel physician.
  • Plan for special fees that are paid to area guides, or city officials.
  • Take along a very good yet compact First Aid Kit.
  • Teach Yourself a New Language for your desired country(s) of travel, should you be traveling internationally.
  • Adrenaline trips cost far more than vacationing in mainstream travel destinations. Anytime you do something that is exclusive or takes special equipment and training, expect outrageous prices. These high rates though can be the difference between loads of fun or lots of drudgery. There are times in our lives when we should live on extreme budgets and there are times to splurge. Only you know what your plans are, but ask yourself if you are funded properly to really experience this adventure to its fullest extent.
  • Build yourself an emergency expense account. This is for any unexpected expenses or unforeseen items that are crucial to the trip. Regardless of how great a planner you are, most travelers will vouch that there is always "something" that was left behind or they forgot to buy.
  • Find CPR Training prior to your departure. Take the CPR class, you never know, it could very well save your friend's life!
  • Only buy the highest quality top rated gear. The one area that you do not want to skimp money on is gear that can be the difference between life and death. Can you imagine having your scuba tank malfunction, while 90 feet (27.4 m) deep, on a nighttime cave dive in Central America? Or parachuting out of an airplane 20,000 feet (6,096.0 m) up, wondering why the rip-cord that is supposed to release your chute is now jammed -- you know, the second-hand parachute you recently purchased on 'craigslist'? Make no mistake about it, many of the activities we listed in this Adrenaline Trip Guide do not allow for error. We are talking about your life. Do not gamble with your life buying shabby gear. Do your homework and read the reviews. There is no substitute for top rated stuff.
  • Buy a good sports camera.This will usually not be cheap, though a vital part of your adventure. What makes a sports camera special is finding one that is both waterproof [not just water resistant] and one that has a high durability in case you drop it or it gets banged around, depending on your selected activity. In addition to these features, set at the "sports setting" as this means a faster exposure, again vitally needed for these activities. Most adrenaline activities are fast paced therefore a slow shutter speed simply will not do.
  • Be Intelligent and do research: None of the activities we listed in this article should be confused with mainstream travel activities. Therefore adrenaline travel activities carry certain inherent risk factors and danger simply not found anywhere else. Know your risk tolerance.
  • Adrenaline - What is it? Adrenaline is actually a real chemical, with a molecular structure. It tends to cause excitement and many of us relate the feeling to the flight and fight response. Like all drugs and chemicals each person tends to react differently to these molecules. No two people will have the same experiences. After all let us not be confused about the title, Adrenaline Trips. This is not just another catchy cutesy name, but rather a name given to a branch of travel whereas the trip is activity driven, more so than destination driven. Therefore the activity itself makes our list of the reason that it has the variable of creating an excitement and release of the adrenal glands, causing the feelings of adrenaline. It has long been misunderstood by psychologist and it was Freud who first introduced the flight and fright response generated by the autonomic system that kicks in under certain conditions. These trips are what create this chemical release, and the feelings thereafter. Please note: Nobody suggests you scientifically analyze how adrenaline is affecting your body. The purpose is after all to simply half fun and get some thrills. This explanation we offered is to allow you to know why you feel certain ways after partaking in certain activities.
  • Be Mature. Never entice a friend to do something he or she simply is not ready to do. They will come around in their own good time. For now be supporting as possible. In this way you will grow also as a person with empathy and understanding. Seek to be a good listener more than a talker.Should they ask for an opinion then give it to them. Something this large, such as the decision to jump off the side of an extremely high bridge and free fall 200 feet (61.0 m) till the bungee cord tightens, this is something each person alone should walk through.


  • Tips For Traveling Abroad.
  • Beware of any seasonal changes that may affect your activity of choice. Beware of the destinations weather as well, this time of year.
  • Take relevant medications and get shots if needed for remote areas. Some medications such as Malaria pills are best taken weeks prior to being in a malaria mosquito infested zone. There are other such pre-meds taken for certain areas so do check even months prior to your departure. Better safe than sorry!
  • Be Smart! Tell friends and family members where you will be going.
  • File Your Itinerary with your countries embassy. The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country.
  • Directly prior to departure check on-line with your countries State Department. This will tell you in detail of things such as American tolerance in the local region you plan to go, along with areas to avoid in that country. [*this applies to American citizens though your own country of citizenship will have a similar website]. Take their warnings to heart - it may very well save your life. This is not a topic to take lightly. They will know better than anyone. These warning(s) stats are usually researched and published via the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • View current Travel Warnings .

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