How to Request wikiHow Page Protection

At times, a wikiHow article, its Discussion page, or a Talk page may need temporary or permanent protection from high traffic or frequent vandalism. However, only wikiHow administrators have the ability to protect pages. Here's how to request for a page to receive protection from any further edits.


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    Understand that wikiHow aims to avoid protecting pages. wikiHow's goal is for everyone possible to create the world's largest how-to manual, whether they're registered users or anonymous contributors. When pages are protected, this goal becomes harder to achieve, as this prevents others from being able to contribute their knowledge. For this reason, page protection is used sparingly, and is often temporary.
    • Page protection is only for cases of constant extreme vandalism; pages are not to be protected simply because they're already well-written or are in a wikiHow: namespace.
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    Know the two levels of protection. When it comes to protecting wikiHow pages, there are two levels of page protection: semi-protected, and fully protected. Semi-protection prevents unregistered or non-autoconfirmed users from editing, while full protection prevents anyone except for admins from editing. Full protection is used sparingly, so refrain from requesting full protection in most situations.
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    Find an article in need of protection. Several types of articles are frequent targets of vandalism. Articles that are heavily controversial, political in some way, focused on something religious, or so forth may be frequently vandalized. Check the History page to see if there's a pattern of frequent vandalism.
    • On rare occasions, Discussion or Talk pages may need protection to prevent vandalism. Avoid requesting a full protection of these pages; this may prevent good faith editors from leaving constructive comments on the pages.
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    Report the case to an administrator. You can either contact an administrator directly, or use the Administrator Notice Board, which is checked frequently by admins. On your ANB report, provide the reason for requesting protection (e.g. "frequent target of vandalism"), and give a timeframe when you believe the vandalism will have stopped and the page protection can expire.
    • If you're making an ANB report, file it under "Pages Needing Protection" to ensure that it gets seen.
    • If you feel the page should not be unprotected, provide adequate reason for that, too. For example, if a page is a vandalism target for multiple IP addresses and has been that way for a long time, point this out.
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    Add any necessary templates. Most page protections don't need templates. However, a semi-protected Talk or Discussion page should have {{Sprotalk}} added to the top of it so that it's clear the page is semi-protected. Once the template is added, it generates a message stating that the page is semi-protected and can only be edited by registered users.


  • Articles are rarely permanently protected, unless they are severely vandalized on a daily basis, rather than one week out of the year.
  • Certain pages may be permanently protected, such as policies or templates.

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