How to Request Multiple Uber Vehicles

Is your group larger than one Uber car can accommodate? Do you need to leave in separate directions? Currently, Uber does not offer a service to request multiple vehicles from a single account.[1] This is annoying, and it's not what you want to hear, but the harsh reality is that you will need to set up multiple Uber accounts, either on your own, or with the help of members in your party to call more than one car at once. But, you can still get enough Uber cars to accommodate your needs. Here's how to request multiple Uber vehicles.


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    Sign up for Uber. Luckily, this is a quick and simple process that requires only your full name, phone number, valid email address, zip code, password, and form of payment. This can be a credit card or a free Paypal account.
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    Create another account and request a second car. This can be tricky. Since Uber requires a unique and verified mobile phone number and email address for each account, you will have to have a second phone number and email address to pull this off. You may be able to use your mom's, brother's, or family member's mobile information to do this.
    • If you are setting up an account with your mother's phone number and email, you can still use your own payment information to pay for the ride.
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    Help your friends sign up. Since you are requesting multiple Uber cars, you likely have a large party of people that need to be transported, or a few people who need to depart for different directions. If this is the case, you may be better off helping your friends sign up for their own Uber accounts.
    • Help your friends to add their own payment information to the account, in case they need to call Uber on an occasion in the future. If you would like to pay for their ride, give them cash.
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    Call Uber using your primary account. Remember, you can only call one car per account. Choose from Uber's selection of vehicles for the one that best suits your needs.
    • Your account can only have one car working for you at a time. It's not possible to call one car and ask the driver to wait while you use your account to call another one.
    • Until your current car has dropped you off, or you have canceled it, you cannot call another Uber car from your account.
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    Call another car. Using your secondary Uber account or the Uber account of someone in your party, call as many Uber cars as you need per accounts.
    • It's considered inconsiderate to ask your Uber driver to wait once they have arrived to pick you up.
    • If you really would like your Uber driver to wait, you may be able to politely ask them to wait 3-5 minutes (give them as accurate of a time as possible) and explain that someone in your party is waiting for another car.
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    Call an Uber car for someone else. Once you arrive at your destination and your Uber driver ends your ride, it is possible to call another Uber car to pick up the rest of your party.[2] This doesn't get you multiple Uber cars at the same time, but it's the best way to get another car if you don't have access to multiple accounts. To request a ride for someone else:
    • Give your driver a call once your request has been accepted and describe the person or group they will be picking up.
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    Befriend an Uber driver and call them personally. This is a tricky option that involves a lot of risks. If you are able to build a friendship with an Uber driver that you trust, you may be able to get their personal information and request rides under the table where you will pay them in cash. This may allow you to call the driver personally while setting up an Uber car with your account simultaneously.
    • This is a very risky choice for the driver, as they will not be protected under liability insurance if they are driving you while they are not working for Uber.
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    Tell Uber what you want. The best way to request multiple Uber cars is to get Uber to allow this option. Contact Uber at[3] or by signing into your personal Uber account. Word of mouth is great too. Talk to your Uber driver and ask them if they know anything about this option becoming available.


  • Uber cars that can carry up to 6 people are available in many cities, check to see what Uber cars are available before calling multiple cars.
  • Remember to always rate your Uber drivers well, they will be giving you a rating also.
  • Request the ride for your friends first and wait with them until the Uber car arrives. Once they get to their destination you will be notified that the ride has ended and you can call your own car.
  • You can download the official Uber for iPhone and Uber for Android apps to quickly request a car and rate the quality of your driver.


  • Be very careful with your Paypal account information or credit card information. If you decide to create an Uber account for a family member and use your payment information, you will continue to be charged each time they use Uber.

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