How to Request a Special Airline Meal

Requesting a special meal for your upcoming plane journey is simpler than it sounds. The following article offers some tips on ensuring you won't go hungry on your next flight, and that all of your dietary needs and preferences or religious restrictions are taken into account by the airline before taking off.


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    Contact the airline at least 24 hours prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. Doing so will ensure that they have plenty of advance notice of your needs, and that they can properly accommodate you and prepare your meal. Some airlines may be more stringent or lenient depending on flight times, schedules, and on board meal policies, so make sure to check up on this by viewing the airline's website or asking the reservationist. Please note that for some airlines, such as Air China, ordering a Kosher meal requires an advance notice of 48 hours.
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    Understand that on most shorter routes (typically domestic and charter flights), special meal requests may not be granted or even necessary. Smaller meals and snacks, including peanuts, chips, pretzels, cookies, etc. and beverages are ordinarily all that is served on flights that last four hours or less.
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    Specify the special meal you would like to request. A few options for meals you may have, or are thinking of considering, include:
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    If you want to avoid any unwanted surprises when your special meal is served, visit the airline's website beforehand and browse a menu if available. In most cases, you'll be able to see exactly what you'll be served come your flight.


  • Most special meals depend upon availability are are often subject to be changed and modified, even without your notice.
  • Special meals are not always 100% guaranteed. If this concerns you, be sure to reserve your meal far in advance and confirm your request with the airline prior to your departure.

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