How to Report a Pothole in America

Potholes are a big problem. Not only can they break things on your car, but they can be signs of other more serious problems, especially where the road was originally built on a flat surface and there is now a hole in the ground. The hole could be a sinkhole, which is both costly and dangerous, even after it has been filled. Here's how to report potholes if you reside or travel in America.


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    Check to see whether it could pose a safety risk. Is it deep enough for a child to trip in it while playing? Does it give when you test it with a stick?
    • Tell local parents about it so that they can warn their kids.
    • Tell pet owners about it.
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    Look up the phone number of the state organization that is in charge of roads, roadworks or public works.
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    Call the organization. Explain the problem and tell them that you think it poses a safety risk. They will likely ask more questions and/or tell you how to proceed from there.
    • Note that there are some roads that the authority won't fix for various reasons. In that case, you may need to go to a more local level to fix the problems–-they should advise you who is best to contact.
    • They may send someone out within a few weeks time to check it out, and report back. If you think it is a danger in the meantime, let them know this and ask how you could perhaps alert road users to it.
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    Follow any instructions given. Fill out any paperwork they say is required after reading it.
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    Start a petition. If they don't do anything about it, a petition might be helpful. Those parents and pet owners you warned earlier, this is where they come in. They will likely sign the petition because they not only know about the problem, but they also already know that it could be dangerous.


  • Don't lie about safety hazards. You won't get any help then.
  • They cannot help you if it's in your driveway; that's something you'll need to remedy through hired contractors.

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