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In an emergency situation continue focusing on the bold text below. Reporting a fire is not something that you need to do everyday; however, it is very important that you know how to report a fire when the time comes.


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    Alert residents by sounding the fire alarm.
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    Get a phone.
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    Call the emergency number
    • America/Canada - 911
    • United Kingdom - 999
    • Europe - 112
    • Saudi Arabia - 998
    • Pakistan - 16
    • Australia - 000
    • India - 100
    • Ireland - 999 or 112
    • For more emergency numbers, click here.
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    Report to dispatcher:
    • There is a fire.
    • Where the fire is.
    • The size of the fire.
      • From the outside - relate the smoke to the size of the windows.
      • From the inside - relate the level of smoke to the floor (stay low).
    • The size of the structure/building.
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    (By now fire departments are dispatched)
    • People requiring medical attention.
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    (By now paramedics are dispatched)
    • The presence of hazardous materials.
    • Whether nearby property is endangered.
    • Any other information the dispatcher may request.
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    At the arrival of the fire department, report to the deputy chief
    • if anyone is trapped inside.


  • Prioritize your own safety.
  • Let the firefighters do their work. They are professionals.
  • Stay on the phone.
  • Try to use a calm and relaxed voice.
  • Dispatchers work in pairs. One will talk to you, the other listens and dispatches.
  • Do not bother the chief deputy more than necessary.
  • If a large fire is reported paramedics are often called to the scene by default, but always report injuries in need of medical attention.


  • If you are hesitant whether there is a fire or not, do not hesitate to call the emergency number. It is the dispatchers' judgement whether a sounding fire alarm needs attention or not. You weigh the consequences of your own actions.
  • Do not make fake emergency calls. It is illegal and the cost of dispatching firefighters to a scene is high and may delay them in saving the lives of others. Every minute of unnecessary delay may count towards someone's death.
  • If your safety is compromised you may need to hang up on the dispatcher. If possible notify them ahead.

Things You'll Need

  • A phone
  • A visible fire or suspicion thereof

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