How to Replace Your Lost Driver's License

How to replace your drivers license.


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    Report your lost Driver's license.
    • If your license was stolen, report it.
    • If you don't know where it is, you have a difficult decision to make - whether to try to find it, or report it missing and seek replacement. Keep in mind, if you operate a motor vehicle without possession of your license, you could be subject to stiff penalties and fines (up to and including impounding of your motor vehicle and your arrest)
    • You don't have to report it to the police.
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    Locate your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    • Search the internet for your local DMV
    • Look in the Yellow Pages, the Government Blue Pages or the Business White Pages.
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    Call the DMV or view their webpage for information.
    • Ask for pricing, charges, fees
    • Confirm acceptable methods of payment
    • Ask what time they open
    • Ask what information and identification to bring.
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    Go to the DMV, pick a number if necessary, and wait.
    • Bring your Social Security card, if necessary.
    • Bring other necessary identification, like your Passport or College ID.
    • Bring proof of residency, if required (for instance, 2 mails you've received addressed to you from recognized sources - phone and utility bills are goo choices).
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    Wait a few minutes and get your replacement.
    • They may use your old picture, unless it's expired, or policy dictates otherwise.
    • Fees vary from State to State, but you should expect to pay $10-30
    • Ask for pricing to make sure you have sufficient funds.
    • In some States, you may be issued a temporary license while your permanent replacement license is certified and posted to you upon completion.


  • Your Social Security Number should be guarded very carefully. Under no circumstances should you carry it with you on a regular basis. If your wallet were to be stolen, with your Social Security Card in it, you almost certainly WILL become a victim of identity theft.
  • The State automobile licensure department website is usually the best place to find all the answers for which you are looking. Often phoning the department is an arduous process.
  • In the United States, the names of the official department responsible for licensing may not be the Department of Motor Vehicles (for instance, Ohio automobile licensure is overseen by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles)
  • These steps may vary from state to state or nation to nation.

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