How to Replace a Broken Dell Latitude e5510 Laptop Screen

If you've cracked or broken the screen to your Dell Latitude e5510, you're probably looking to replace it. Order yourself a new screen, and then the installation is pretty simple.


  1. Image titled Dell battery
    Remove the battery.
    • Don’t forget this step, other components can get damaged due to power leakage.
  2. Image titled Dell screws
    Image titled Dell front
    Remove the front panel.
    • Remove the two rubber pieces and screws underneath them.
    • Using the plastic opener tool or your hand, slowly pull out the front panel.
    • Make sure you don’t break any clips.
  3. Image titled Dell fourfront
    Remove four screws and drop the back panel.
  4. Image titled DEll side
    Remove four screws on the sides and drop the screen to the front.
  5. Image titled Dell unplug
    Unplug the cable.
    • Be careful in this step. Slowly peel out the tape and pull out the cable.
  6. Image titled Dell putback
    Place your new screen on and slowly plug it back in. Make sure it’s in properly.
  7. 7
    Put everything back together in the order you undid it.
  8. 8
    Test it out. If you did everything right, the screen should be working perfectly.
    • If not, go back and tighten up the cable, and try it again; this should fix if you were having any issues.


  • Make sure you take off the battery before you begin
  • Be careful when you unplugging the cable,

Things You'll Need

  • A screen for a Dell Latitude E5510
  • Philips screw driver
  • Flat plastic opener (optional)
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