How to Remove Sticky Barbed Seeds from Your Dog's Fur Coat

If, after a walk in the woods, your dog only is covered in sticky, barbed seeds when you return home, they may cause discomfort and/or matting. You can sit for hours trying to remove the seeds and have very little luck in doing so. The harder you try to remove the seeds, the more matted the animal's hair may become. Your dog will likely become distressed with the pulling and tugging of the sticky seeds and many dogs really disliked having their hair cut as well. Do not fret, there is an easy solution to this problem––using pantyhose as a "Velcro-like" brush.


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    Do nothing using bare hands. Do not try to remove the sticky seed from the dog with your bare hand or it is most probable that the seeds will become more embedded into the fur. Instead, use pantyhose, which are are excellent at removing sticky seeds with little distress to your animal.
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    Find an old pair of pantyhose (or a new, cheap pair if you do not have an old pair). Place your open hand into one of the legs of the pantyhose and run your hand down to the foot-bed of the pantyhose.
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    Spread your hand open while in the pantyhose foot-bed. Run your covered hand over the dog's fur. As the sticky seeds become attached to the pantyhose, move your hand to a clean area in the pantyhose leg. Repeat the process of running the pantyhose hand over the dog's fur.
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    Repeat this pantyhose-hand rubbing process until you have removed as many sticky seeds as you can. If there are seeds you cannot remove, then those seed might need to be removed with the tips of your fingers or, if the seeds are embedded, use a rounded tip pair of scissors to remove the remainder seeds and snip only small amounts of fur.
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    Done. Once your dog is seed-free, brush as usual and settle down together for a nice treat.


  • It is important to remove the sticky seeds as soon as possible; the longer the seeds remain on your animal, the deeper embedded into the fur they become. Once the seed becomes wrapped in the fur the only solution that really works is to cut the seeds out of the fur.
  • This process also works well with your garments too.
  • Place the seeds in the trash; don't leave them lying around to be rolled on or to grow into weeds in the garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Old or new (cheap) pantyhose
  • Scissors, small nail variety
  • Grooming brush
  • Dog treats

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