How to Remove Cigarette Smoke, Chemicals and Odours from a Bedroom

How to remove cigarette smoke odors and residue from a room.


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    Strip all linens and draperies and wash them in hot water.
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    Sprinkle scented carpet deodorizer on the floor, if you have carpet, and let it sit there for 3 hours before vacuuming.
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    Vacuum (or sweep) the floor. Change the vacuum bag when finished & throw the old one away.
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    Lightly mist the mattress and carpeting with Febreze. If you keep spare linens, keeping a sachet with them or spraying with scented linen water will make an immediate difference when you change your sheets.
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    Plug in a Glade plug-in scented room freshener/ preferably the oil or light some scented candles.
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    Crack the windows during the daytime hours for 3-4 days.
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    Clean and deodorize air conditioner filter(s) as they tend to hold and re-distribute odors.


  • Use a fan to circulate the air in the room.
  • If the smoker made a habit of smoking in bed, it may be necessary to discard your mattress and pillows, as they will absorb the odor and residue over time.
  • If someone has been smoking in a room regularly for an extended period of time, consider washing all flat surfaces in the room with warm soapy water, this includes walls, ceilings and windows. Be prepared to scrub these surfaces a bit to remove the tar residue.
  • If it is cold outside, close the bedroom door while the windows are open, and only crack the windows in spurts for an hour or two each time.


  • TSP, or Tri-Sodium Phosphate is a cleaning agent used to strip heavy tobacco smoke off of walls. Mix with water, sponge walls clean from top to bottom. This is absolutely necessary if the surfaces are to be painted.
  • Do not inhale the fumes of the cleaning products, so be sure a window is cracked. Do not plug the Glade plug-in behind any furniture including the bed, they tend to get hot and could be a potential fire hazard. So, be sure to plug it in somewhere visible and away from things.
  • If the room is wallpapered, applying soapy water to the walls will make the wallpaper come off.

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