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Are you thirsty for something new? Have you ever wanted that new look for your room, but have no clue where to start? Whether it's your living room, bathroom, bedroom, parlor, or hallway that you are looking to remodel, organizing the process of remodeling a room is very important.


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    Analyze and Brainstorm. Why do you not like your current room? Does the furniture clash? Is it not your style? Does it lack functionality? In some cases, you may just be bored with your old room and need to rearrange the furniture. However, take into consideration that tearing down a wall to expand a room is going to take much more money than if you change the bedspread and repaint the walls. Visualize how your ideal room would appear and how the room would feel. Do you want the room to feel open and spacious or snug and homey? Do you want the room to have a warmer feel or a cooler feel? Paint a picture in your mind of what your desired outcome is, and make sure it will be a haven that you and others enjoy spending time in.
    • Spacious Feel. Natural lighting is an important key for this kind of feel. Leave most of your windows uncovered to maximize the open, airy effect. Note that it is easier if your room already has large windows. Lighter colors tend to make something look larger and also compliment the natural light. Pale yellow, sky blue, lavender, or even plain white are some colors you may want to use. Aim to have a lot of open floor space but not too much openness that the room feels uncomfortable.
    • Snug Feel. These rooms are usually smaller, but it is possible to have a large room feeling snug. The goal is to have a minimal amount of open space but not so little that you feel trapped and can't move. Various shades of brown often give a room a snug effect, as well as dark reds and oranges. Carpeting also makes a room feel homey.
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    Clean. It is very hard, if not impossible, to remodel a room that you can't even walk through because of all the clutter on the floor. If your room is not already clean, tidy it up.
    • Tackle your clothes, tidying is a good time for looking through your closet so have two piles: one pile for dirty clothes, and one for clothes to give away. The clothes that are clean and you want to keep you fold or hang in your wardrobe.
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    Eliminate items. What do you no longer need in your room? Do those pink princess pillows no longer fit your style? Use plastic bags to sort out stuff that you are getting rid of. This would be a great time to have a yard sale. Something that you leave unappreciated could be the same thing your neighbor's niece has been begging for. You will also make a bit of money to use for when you are buying new items for your room. Anything that you can't sell could be given away to charity or as hand-me-downs.
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    Modify. Some of the things you don't desire can be modified in some way. What about that light pink chair with hearts all over it? This could be painted over in a different color/s or patterns to fit your style. You can also change pictures in hanging picture frames to fit the theme of your room or paint the walls a different color. In a bedroom, simply changing the comforter set and repainting the walls can have a huge effect while being cheap at the same time.
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    Replace items. Replace some of the old items that you have eliminated before with their new counterparts. That fluffy pink bed-set from before can be replaced with a new one that fits the style of your room. Make focal point objects like bed-sets and blankets match the colors of the walls. This will pull your room together and make it look nicer.
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    Add. After all the old stuff is gone or modified, accessorize your room with new items or furniture. Items such as potted plants, rugs, or wall murals can spice up a room to give it the exact flavor you were wishing for. Some websites or other WikiHow articles can help you with this.
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    Evaluate. When you are done, step back and look at your hard work. Think back to the picture you painted in your mind earlier. Is this what you had planned? Is it better? Worse? In some cases you may feel you need to start over. However, don't do this if you aren't completely sure. You may just need to touch up a few things or rearrange the room until you get it to where you like it.


  • You may want to budget your time and money beforehand. Write out a plan for each day, and include special notes on shopping days. Record what you found in stores and what you couldn't find.
  • Never throw anything away that you can use. Even the oddest things can be helpful to your room in the end.
  • Buying items in sets will help your room to coordinate with the surroundings of the room.


  • When painting wooden furniture or walls, be careful not to ruin the job. This could lead to disaster.
  • You will need a lot of time and a budget you can stick to.
  • Prepare to be disappointed at times. However, don't get sad, because for the most part you will be surprised in the end.

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