How to Remember Your Past Lives

Three Methods:Do It YourselfHypnotherapyBecome Metaphysical

Have you been an astronaut? A pioneer? An actress, or a former king? Would you like to find out? Discovering your past life can be fun. It's easy, relaxing, and you don't need a Hollywood hypnotherapist to go exploring! Follow these step-by-step instructions, and you'll be reliving your past lives in no time!

Method 1
Do It Yourself

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    Prepare the room. Make sure the temperature is not too warm or too chilly. Draw the curtains, turn off the TV or radio, turn off your phone, and if you have a noise generator, turn it on just loud enough to mask any outside sounds. Try one of these settings:
    • White noise. It sounds like a TV tuned to no channel.
    • Brown noise. This brings to mind the sound of ocean waves in the distance.
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    Relax your mind, and seek a place of calm. Sit or recline in a quiet, darkened room.Away from friends and loved ones. Choose a time when you are alert and your body and mind are calm. If you are hungry,distracted or if you have a song stuck in your head ,you'll have a hard time focusing.
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    Relax your body. Kick back on your bed, or wherever you’ve chosen to conduct your self-hypnosis, and simply relax for a few minutes to prepare for your journey.
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    Prepare yourself. Close your eyes, and get comfortable. Lie on your back, with your hands at your sides, and bathe yourself with a protective light:
    • Imagine a white, enveloping light all around you. See it in your mind’s eye, shining on your feet, your legs, your knees, your thighs, your torso and arms, your neck, your face, your head. This white light is protecting you from all negative influences. It represents love and warmth and enlightenment in a dazzling mistiness all around you, cocooning you in its brilliance, protecting you from anything bad.
    • See it in your mind. Feel its warmth, and invite it to wash over you. Repeat to yourself, either in words or intent, "I am breathing in powerful protective energy. This energy is building an aura of protection around me. This aura protects me at all times in every way."
    • Say this to yourself five times for five inhales. After this, just concentrate on visualizing and feeling the energy, making it brighter and more powerful. Take the next color that comes to mind, and repeat until you feel ready to take the next step.
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    Begin your journey. Imagine yourself in a long hallway, with a large door at the end. See this hallway in as much detail as you can, whatever comes to mind.
    • Your hallway may be all gold and filigree, or Gothic like a cathedral, entirely constructed from gemstones, or a forest floor with a bower of branches arching over you—the choice is yours.
    • Whatever hallway you construct in your mind, use it each time you seek a past life. Imagine this hallway with the expectation that when you get to the end, when you reach the big door and turn the knob, you will discover a past life.
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    Walk down your hallway. Take each step down that hallway with purpose. See your feet touch the ground, visualizing every aspect of your journey as you approach the large door—the smell of the room, the sounds of your environment, the color of the light, even the "smell" of your surroundings.
    • When you finally reach the end—when you feel you are ready and not a moment before—take hold of the doorknob. See yourself doing it, feeling the texture of the knob, and the sound of the mechanism as you turn it. When the bolt is disengaged, take a breath, and give the door a gentle push.
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    Welcome a past life. Accept the very first thing you see on the other side of that door as something from your previous planes of existence.
    • It might be something as abstract as the color yellow, or as clear and vivid as a much-loved child nestled in your arms. Take whatever you see as the foundation. Build upon it. Feel it. Hold the imagery in your mind and open up to it, accepting anything that arises in your mind.
    • You might find that "yellow" becomes a carpet. As you walk deeper into your vision, you might discover that yellow is sunshine spilling onto a carpet. Perhaps you'll suddenly realize that carpet is in a London house...and so on.
    • You may doubt yourself at this point, but be reassured, you are remembering a past life.
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    Be patient. If you see nothing, try thinking about something you've always enjoyed, a favorite hobby, skill, or travel destination. You may ask yourself, "Why do I like this? Can this be past-life related?"
    • If you still get nothing, try the shoe method: look down at your feet, and go with the first pair of shoes you see yourself wearing, and work from there. You might see sandals, and then realize you’re wearing a tunic. You might see little pointy shoes, and realize you’re wearing a big silk gown.
    • If you find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and you wonder how you got there, you've slipped into a Talking Heads song. Smile and continue exploring.
    • Once you’ve remembered something—even if it's just a pair of shoes—and if you’re pretty certain there’s a grain of truth to it, you can start your next meditation from there. Always begin each session with something you’ve already seen. Always work from the known to the unknown.
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    Accept what you see. It will seem like you are inventing these images. Sometimes you are, and you must accept that as part of the process of trying to remember a past life.
    • These visions almost always have a shred of truth at their core. You will only know for certain when you’ve done a significant number of past-life meditations, and you begin to see patterns and details repeated over and over again.
    • In the meantime, you must choose to believe that what you see is genuine; if you don’t, you will never get anywhere. Your analytical mind will simply shoot down every image as a product of your overeager imagination.
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    Return to the present. Unless you’ve had to remove yourself from an unpleasant memory, usually what will happen is that you will simply run out of steam. You will find the images have stopped coming, or your analytical mind has been inadvertently triggered by something you’ve seen...and then you’re done. You have no choice but to open your eyes.
    • If this doesn’t happen, and you're ready to return to the current life, simply imagine that doorway where you began. Open the door, and walk down the length of that gemstone hallway—or whatever you visualized—and tell yourself that when you reach the start point, you will be refreshed, and that you will remember your past life in perfect detail and clarity.

Method 2

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    Visit a hypnotherapist. Sometimes, past life regression requires tools that we are unable to master—self-hypnosis, for example, can be very difficult. Certified hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regression have been trained in the necessary fields. Here's how you can expect them to direct you:
    • They may play music as they talk you into a relaxed state, making you feel safe, warm, and comfortable. Let yourself follow along, and find your inner calm.
    • Clear your mind of directed thought, and let whatever comes to you happen naturally.
    • Relax your muscles in your body, especially your neck and shoulders letting the tension release.
    • As you relax deeper, they may talk about the light, letting it flow through you, reaching into every part of your body, until it totally surrounds you.
    • Once you are prepared and totally relaxed, they will open the doors to your many past lives by guiding you back through time.
    • They'll encourage you to explore your memories, with as much detail as you recall.
    • They may take you back to the womb, and talk you through being reborn in a past life.
    • When you've discovered your past life, they will guide you through it, encouraging you to feel it as you remember it, only this time when you awake, you'll have full knowledge of your past.
    • When you're session draws to the close, the hypnotherapist will slowly bring your back to the present reality and your current life.
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    Congratulations! You're just experienced your past life.

Method 3
Become Metaphysical

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    Become spiritual. For some, past lives are not so much a place you go, but part of who you are. Many cultures throughout mankind's history have held reincarnation as central to their beliefs.
    • While Islam and Christianity don't believe in re-incarnation, Hinduism, some Jews, and some Buddhists do. The best thing to do is not to completely devote yourself to a religion, as religions can be very restrictive; but rather to discover your own path. Find your own spiritual truths.


  • If you discover something very disturbing in your past life, always remember that aura around you. You may leave as soon as you like. You do not have to stay and watch every gruesome moment.
  • During break time, or during the time after writing down your thoughts and ideas, think of special things you may have had "connections" with. These can include languages, music (very common), places, and smells. You may have been inclined to like or dislike these elements. They will help uncover a part of yourself that is distant yet familiar -as your past lives.
  • Don't perform your self-hypnosis exercises on consecutive days, or too often. Trying too hard will only create inaccurate past-life memories. Also, if you leave time in between sessions (weeks or months), you might find after reviewing your notes that you've remembered past-life information in the same way twice—a powerful clue that what you’re seeing is real.
  • Be ready to find and recognize the resonance of truth in what you see (or feel or smell or hear). You will know truth when you find it. You will experience a reincarnation memory, and suddenly you will have an epiphany relating to something in your current life today.
  • It may not work straight away, so keep trying until you succeed in recalling something.
  • Don't try too hard. This should be something simple and natural. You shouldn't have to strain for it.
  • Past life regression has to do with soul memory and soul travel. It is you. Freud, Jung and other psychologists agreed that the unconscious—where memories and information are stored—may be hard to reach, but not impossible.
  • Use the same protection words and visualizations each time to invoke a "Pavlov's dog" effect.
  • You may find that you are able to get good results by using the Best Me Technique of self-hypnosis to more easily involve your whole person in the content of a reincarnation experience.
  • In order to allow your mental processes to become as sensitive as possible to memories of a past lifetime, you may prefer to use a hyper empiric induction, which is based on specific suggestions of alertness, mind expansion, and increased awareness and sensitivity.


  • There have been a number of reports of children recalling memories of their past lives. Events and names and places they recalled without having prior knowledge. These children have been as young as 2 years old.
  • Realize that some pretty weird things can happen during past-life regression and self-hypnosis. The most common phenomenon is similar to the out of body experience. It’s a sensation of floating above your actual self, as if you are a spirit hovering over your reposed body lying on the bed. Although it's not a past life experience itself, it brings you closer than ever to the spiritual, and thus makes you more apt to remember your past life. This experience is usually accompanied by an increased heart rate and REM-like eye movements as you "look" at the scene around you.
  • There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says, "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." From a strictly psychological point of view, it doesn't make any difference whether hypnotically-induced past-life regression experiences are actually real or whether they are a form of experiential theater. As long as some people report that their problem has been alleviated by PLR, a cure is a cure, regardless of the explanation for it.
  • Don't mistake the truth with what you want to see, or as Bob Dylan said, "don't go mistaking paradise for that home just down the road."
  • Another common phenomenon that can happen is “fragmenting". Your memories will become more vivid, your heart rate will increase, and then you will start to get a sensation like you are very, very small, as if your entire being consists of a tiny speck of consciousness peeking out from where your eyes should be. The images you see will then become fragmented, like a broken pane of glass. You might begin to view abstract things, shapes and forms, like something out of a strange dream. Gradually all the past-life memories will be overtaken by this fragmenting. This whole experience can be disconcerting. But recognize anything odd and similarly abstract to be something that’s normal. Don’t let it worry you. Simply remove yourself from the imagery and stop. Thinking about your body (and being in it) will make you automatically return to it.
  • If you encounter an unpleasant remembered past-life image, realize that you can instantly remove yourself from it and awaken from your self-hypnosis. Although you have protected yourself with white protective light, you might still come across a scene too painful to endure. Simply open your eyes. If you do choose to continue with seeing the unpleasant aspects of your past life, reassure yourself that you will only see it, not relive it, and that you are safe from grief or terror in your warm cocoon of protective light—you will see that life as if it’s a movie reenacted by professional actors on a stage. Tell yourself it cannot harm you, and it won’t upset you.
  • Many people in present-day Western culture are skeptical of past-life experiences because we have not yet been able to conclusively prove, in a scientific way, that reincarnation exists—even though half the world believes in it. (Nobody has ever brought back an ancient Roman coin from a hypnotic reincarnation session, for example.)
  • As is the case with other forms of religious experience, we need to remain open to (or at least tolerant of) the exploration of memories from a previous lifetime as long as they help us to make sense out of our present existence.

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